The Chief Executive Officer,

National Environmental Front,

6065 Taroux Avenue.

Dear Sir,


My name is Alexis Peterson. I am a student at Greenwich State University, Arizona. I am also a student leader in the student organization of GSU. As a leader, I continue to advocate for equal rights among the students and the community surrounding the university. Your organization opposes copper mining in Arizona. Opposing copper mining is unjust to those who are sole dependants on the economic activity. Given by numerous copper mining projects, there has been tremendous economic growth. Pollack notes, “ultimately, the Resolution Copper Project can signify an economic turning point from a regional economy’s perspective by jump starting job creation and investing heavily in the region” (p 37). Companies in the mining industry play a vital role in job creation, which leads to growth and expansion of urban centers.

Urbanization in the state of Arizona and the United States started through mining. According to “many towns in Arizona were built from the 1880s to 1920s through mining”. This was due to increased infrastructure to transport mining products that promoted people who worked in the mines to build towns. Expansion of mining companies enhanced the rate of urbanization and development of various civilizations within Arizona and the country. Over the years, copper mining has promoted the development of towns and cities. Therefore, as an organization, it would display unwavering support to promote copper mining in Arizona since it is one of the greatest revenue generators in the State.

Thanks to copper mining, the State of Arizona is considered the leading copper producer in the United States. Mining in Arizona started in the early 1880s and continues to play a major role in the development of the state and the country’ economic growth. Seidman claims, “Mining has played a central role in the economic history of Arizona” (63). Continued economic growth and development in the State is also owed to copper mining. This has benefit to the overall population within and without the state of Arizona. Ending copper mining would mean rendering countless residents jobless and consequently jeopardizing their livelihoods.

The economy of the United States of America depends on copper mining. Niemuth points out, “The value of Arizona’s non-fuel mineral production totaled $6.7 billion in 2010 according to preliminary USGS figures. This was 10.5% of the United State’s total, making Arizona the number two producer in the nation”. Copper mining in Arizona greatly contributed to the economic growth of the United States of America, since a percentage of tax collected from mining companies goes to the United States revenue authorities. In addition, according to the United States constitution, high export taxes are imposed on exported minerals. This reputation has placed Arizona on the map of economically stable states within America and universally.

Mining companies should therefore be granted permission to set up in Arizona. A consensus has to be reached between mining companies and environmental organizations in order to advance America’s economy since mining is one of the greatest economy boosters. Job creation and economic growth depend on mining, and the state of Arizona provides employment opportunities to the residents and immigrants within and without the state. Consequently, environmental organizations should work with the mining companies in order to provide credible and lasting solutions to the endless controversies surrounding copper mining in the state of Arizona.

Kind regards,

Alexis Peterson.

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