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Real Estate Agent Real Estate Agents Levels 1 and 2 Specialties and Experts Commissions Table More InformationReal Estate AgentsDo you want to start a business in the real estate area? Do not lose sight of the following.By Luis Manuel BalderasOne of the ways to start a business is to become independent professional. There are careers and trades that, by their nature, allow you to work on your own, but there are other twists and specialties that also make this possibility possible.On this occasion, to illustrate the latest idea, we will talk about real estate brokerage services, which consist of managing real estate portfolios among all the public that wants to rent them or acquire them. This is an area rich in opportunities, offering several alternatives to entrepreneurs who wish to explore it.In Mexico, traditionally they have been called in various ways: brokers, brokers or real estate promoters to independent professionals who develop within the commonly known environment as real estate.In fact, if we use the appropriate terminology, within the full range of activities of the real estate environment, we could distinguish two main events: the real estate administrator and the property agent.Levels 1 and 2The first activity is related to the administration of houses, departments, industrial buildings, shopping centers.According to Adolfo Kunz, one of the professionals with the most experience in real estate, the property manager is in charge of promoting them, charging the monthly rents to the tenants, giving suaprobación for a tenant to rent, providing maintenance, supervising and being in charge of finalizing the contracts of leasing, in addition to handling cases of eviction and payments of defaulters.All the above is summarized in the idea of ??ensuring the interests of the owners of the properties that are managed.It is important to note that this figure of the real estate branch is one of the most complexes since it requires marketing, commercial, administrative and legal preparation. Let’s say it is the second level in the real estate business.Therefore, for those who enter this field for the first time, it is more appropriate to practice as a real estate broker as they are commonly called, or properly speaking, as an agent of real estate property, which is the professional specialized in marketing real estate.