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English is the number one communication language in the world today. Countries that do not recognize English as their first language are steadily adopting it. In today’s corporate world, transactions are carried out in English. It is increasingly becoming difficult to be employed if you cannot express yourself in English today. My English 311 class has really helped me to polish and improve my skills of communicating in English. We are taught different skills in writing, reading and expressing ourselves in English. The English teacher is very pleasant and patient with us. She always ensures that we have fully understood the topics before she moves to new topics.

A few days ago, when we were taught how to write a proposal, a resume and a letter in our English 311 class, there were some things with which I had a problem. The steps to be followed when writing a proposal were not very easy to grasp. When we were given an assignment to draft our own proposals, I noticed that I did not follow all the steps. I had to inquire from the teacher for some extra lessons so that I could understand the concept behind proposal writing. The resume was not as difficult as the proposal. I understood how to write a resume and did not have a problem in writing my own resume.

The letter was the easiest to learn because it does not require so much information. The formats for writing informal and formal letters differed in their arrangement and order of words. When we were asked to write both kinds of letters, my letters were sampled as being among the best in the whole class. This made me feel very good about myself. I am sure this will help me after school where I will need to write letters especially when am looking for a job. In addition, I am now capable of writing my resume with the details it requires. I am still learning how to write a proper proposal with the help of my English 311 teacher.

My English 311 teacher was very tolerant with some of us who were slow in understanding what she was teaching. She took her time to explain to us on a personal level. The examples she gave also helped me to understand better. Every time we have our English 311 class, I get very excited because I like our teacher. Thanks to her, my English has greatly improved and the class has helped me to find summer jobs because I can communicate fluently in English. The teacher also invites English professors from universities to our English 311 class to talk to us about the importance of learning the English language.

My classmates in English 311 are of different characters. There are those who are a nuisance to the teacher but there some who pay attention in class. Some of my friends help me to practice my spoken English in class and outside class. This has really helped me in expressing myself in English. My classmates and I sometimes organize debates in the English 311 class where we argue about different issues affecting the school and the country. These debates help me to learn new vocabulary and are a good way of practicing my English through speaking. My classmates love it when the teacher conducts the English 311 class in discussion groups. These discussion groups are a good way for my classmates and me to bond while learning.


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