Reflection Paper

The park was always one of my favorite places. My favorite spot was a small wooden chair underneath a large oak tree. It was at the far end of the park mostly hidden from view. The view of the sunset was what made the spot increasingly enticing for me. On this day, there was a gentle breeze that swayed the branches and leaves of the tree in simple rhythm. As I sat, I could not help but let my mind wander, in the midst of all the beauty nature had to offer. One thought dominated in my mind though, that morning on the news the plight of the children in war-torn countries was highlighted.

The thought of what they had to go through every day during the war was immensely saddening. In Somalia, for instance, the civil war has taken place for about 20 years. Some children have become child soldiers. This is against children’s rights. What if there was no war in the world? There would be no suffering children and no pain due to war and most importantly peace everywhere. Such a world would ensure that there was peaceful co-existence between all nations. This would also ensure that all the human rights were upheld and that there is equality to everyone regardless of whom they are.

The children will have decent lives and, in addition, enjoy rights like education and healthcare, which are essential. Because of this, the economies of the countries will also improve. This is because the educated citizens will work in the country. The emotional stability of the children is ensured since they will not encounter any traumatizing events as they did during the war. The loud ring of a bell cuts short my thoughts, and I realize that I need to leave. As I walk away, I cannot help but imagine the existence of such a world.


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