Reflective Paper Name: Course: Date: Reflective Paper I have been able to learn numerous issues that pertain to the activities in research.

I think that the essence of research is to inform an action. It provides information derived from findings to give a definite course of action towards an issue. My idea and attitude towards research has been changed because of the significance of research towards decision-making.

In addition, I have been able to understand that research is essential in affirmation of facts, views and provides advice or direction for a course of action. The development of a portfolio included methods such as mean, median, mode and range with a set of numbers provided. These methods were vital for the evaluation of the patterns exhibited by the portfolio. The use of mean, median, mode and range is for deriving specific patterns of data to enable the formulation of a hypothesis. This could be used to derive the traits or patterns of a portfolio.

Additionally, another indication of a definite pattern in a portfolio is the use of methods to derive the correlation of the portfolio. Negative correlation within a portfolio provides the relationship between two variables; whereby one variable increases as the other variable decreases. For instance, an increase in my mutual fund’s expense ratio is an illustration of a subsequent lower return. On the other hand, I have also learnt of the meaning of a positive correlation, which indicates the relationship between two variables whereby the two variables move in the same direction or tandem. An increase in one variable results in an increase in the other variable. An increase in savings or earnings results in an increase in financial security, as provided in a portfolio.

Hence, the use of correlation in the portfolio is essential for the indication of relationship between expenses and earnings in a portfolio. I was also able to learn of the applicability of both non-experimental and experimental research towards the evaluation of a portfolio. Non-experimental does not use of manipulation of the circumstances of the elements within the portfolio. However, the experimental is driven by manipulation to provide conditions and derived the needed results for informing a decision towards the development of a healthy portfolio. I have learnt that manipulation is essential in research in that it provides the researcher with the ability to derive several hypotheses about an issue. Hence, this provides the various outcomes involving a portfolio made up of several investments. Therefore, it enables me to derive a healthy portfolio for investment and subsequently maximize my earnings.

In the development of my research proposal, I have learnt of the significance of the chronological order of all the elements of research. They all play a significant role in the development of results of the research. The statement of purpose is essential to provide a goal for the proposal and give focus in the process of developing the proposal. This is followed by the provision of characteristics of the portfolio. This is emphasized by the literature review whereby it provides evidence related to the development of a portfolio. The methodology is used to provide avenues, which are necessary for the development of a healthy portfolio to maximize the profits or earnings accrued by a portfolio.

Additionally, recommendations provide for the elements which are to be included in a portfolio to ensure that the portfolio serves its maximum purpose. This is accompanied by the traits of the recommendations to ensure that they are compatible with the portfolio and with the needs of an investor. I have learnt that the development of a portfolio is a lengthy process, which requires precision to ensure maximum value in terms of earnings from the various investments in the portfolio.


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