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The Egyptians were big on wearing jewellery and throughresearch you can find a great deal of information about their jewellery wearingand why they wore it. The Egyptians were big believers in types of jewellery,such as stones and gemstones, bringing about good luck and having magicalpowers. Many museums in the UK now exhibit the Egyptians, and many have largecollections of Egyptian jewellery. For example, the World Museum in Liverpoolhas a large collection dedicated to ancient Egypt with 16,000 objects, of whichmany are pieces of jewellery, making it one of the largest collections in GreatBritain. Egyptian jewellery was beautiful and full of […]

The the ethical element. It was the good

             Thepunishments in The Scarlet Lettersuch as the public humiliation of Hester Prynne and the execution of MissHibbins were true to how Puritans realistically punished those who committedcrimes in their society. There were many ideals in Puritan society that setstandards for how people of the Puritan religion should live their lives. If anaction goes against an ideal, it is deemed as a crime. Between disobeying therules of the Sabbath, committing adultery, and even witchcraft, punishmentswere given accordingly. Depending on the severity of the action in the eyes ofpowerful figures in the society, punishments ranged merely from publichumiliation to even death. […]

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The american disability act was founded in 1990 on July 26. For the reason being that with people with any sort of disability were not allowed to work or make any soft of living. Similar to how acts speak out on race, color, sex, age, religion The ADA goes out of their way to help others who may not be able to help themselves. On May 24, 2011 the ADAAA was created and did all they could to get the disability act to become more noticed and even trying to get it to be a new amendment act. This would […]

Christian Freedom and Liberation

Christian Freedom and Liberation Liberation theology is an attempt by the western church to revert the gospel to the original teachings and lifestyles practiced by the early church. Christianity in this context is politically and culturally decentralized. The document identifies that freedom and liberty are unalienable rights to the human race that can never be revoked. There is also the fact that reasonable liberty has to come with conditions in order for it to be viable. The document has five chapters; these are Chapter 1: The State of Freedom in the World Today, Chapter 2: Man’s Vocation to Freedom and […]

Report on Night by Elie Wiesel

Report on Night by Elie Wiesel The author was born in 1928 in Sighet, Romania to parents of a Hungarian-Jewish ascent. The book Night is a narration of the author’s experience while in detention in the Nazi concentration camp within duration of two years i.e. 1944 and 1945. The author focuses on the effect of the cruelty subjected to him and fellow Jews on his beliefs regarding God and humanity. Along with this, the book vividly illustrates the Holocaust by giving first hand narrations of the Jewish teenager Eliezer while in detention at Birkenau. Illustrations such as burning of babies, […]

Religious studies

Ways of looking at religion Introduction The belief in supernatural beings is believed to have existed even before civilization of humanity. The definition and ways in which different people look at religion differ. “Nearly everyone has some conception of defining religion. In fact, sometimes it appears that her are as many definitions of it as there are people” (Schmidt 9). These different ways of looking at religion have been into two; ‘true’ and ‘false’ ways of looking at religion. Each way tries to convince and persuade people of its feasibility. However, the ‘true’ way of looking at religion is more […]

Religion in Litterature The Inferno: The Interpretation of Sin

Name: Course: Tutor: Date: The Inferno: The Interpretation of Sin Dante’s poem mainly focuses on hell as a place of punishment. In this place, people are being punished for the sins they committed while they were alive. However, each sin has its own punishment. Through the poem, Dante shows that hell is a continuation of what took place on earth. One has to suffer the consequences of his/her actions. The fairness that is advocated here on earth is also advocated in the life after death. This is illustrated by the different punishments given to different sins. From a critical angle, […]

Reflection on The Devolution of the World (Hopi, North America)

Name: Course: Lecturer: Date: Reflection on the Devolution of the World (Hopi, North America) The religious beliefs of the Hopi are related to other forms of worship. The most evident relationship is the presence of a supernatural being. The Hopi people worship a being called Taiowa. Similarly, other religious communities also believe in a God who is the giver of their lives. Therefore, they are obliged to worship Him. The people and animals were expected to respect their creator, as this is a form of worship. This is also a common feature in other communities. The creator gives rules to […]


Name: Tutor: Course: Date: Reflection The lecture enabled me to have a rational view of religion, realizing that no religion is more superior to the other; what matters, however, is how relevant and meaningful it is to the believer. Religion is not a means of showing importance over others. The intention of religion is to help us understand that there is a purpose in life. It has enabled me to define religion and explain its relevance to others, understanding that it is something beyond the material and visible things in life. Religion invokes reasoning and ideas. By learning about the […]

Introduction to the course, Types: Hero and saint

Name:course: Lecturer: Date: Introduction to the course, Types: Hero and saint Introduction In professor Ambrosio’s view, a hero is a metaphor in the secular view to life where their world is impersonal. It is led according to chance or fate with each having an indifferent devotion to human kind. Under the hero’s view, one tries to achieve his or her own will as well as encroachment in life through obtaining essential or necessary tools and equipments needed in achievement of their desires. On the other hand, the saint is the other metaphor with an opposite view where one is more […]

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