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Religious Relations

1. Explain the theme

Across all the religions in the world, the theme of compassion has been emphasized in order to facilitate peaceful co-existence. Mostly, apart from the religious beliefs that are commonly looked in the world today, there has been a great need to establish peace among the diverse religions thus helping the needy in the society. This is because in times of crisis or epidemics, the issue of religion has to be put away in order to help the situation. In addition, with the greater possibility of the occurrence of the catastrophes, religions should not discriminate against each other but instead they should show love and compassion thus promoting cohesion and peaceful interactions. This facilitates the application of the helping hand of others such that people exercise compassion in the world. Irrespective of any religious practice, the theme of compassion should prevail and thus it should not bring separation among the people. This is with respect to the many occurrences where some religions ought to be more superior to others hence taking that opportunity to discriminate. The more the religions learn from each other, the more the rate of interaction and thus enhancing good relations. Therefore, with the aim of uniting different religions, the writer has emphasized on the issue of compassion, which acts irrespective of the religious practices.

2. Discuss any aspects of Tenzin Gyatso’s beliefs that are similar to the philosophy of Jesus Christ.

The aspects of Tenzin Gyatso’s beliefs are similar to the philosophy of Jesus Christ due to the concept of compassion among the less privileged and the poor. The writer shows the system of Hinduism where the religion has centered self-sacrificing compassion in order to help others. In this way, people have eliminated their religious pride and supremacy in order to give a helping hand to the less fortunate. The selfish character of the human being has been put away thus facilitating the development of a generous society where people care about the well-being of each other. The phrase in Hinduism that praises the delight in the welfare of all beings is such an inspiration to all other religions in the area of donation and rendering help to others. For instance, the writer is moved by the actions of Mahatma who has extended his generosity towards the lepers. His actions have gained more fame than his religion for he has helped people from different religious backgrounds. In this case, the action of compassion has acted independently of the religious influence. Hence, the writer manifests his influence that made him to donate towards the Mahatma’s project after he won the Nobel Peace Price. The action of Jesus feeding five thousand people through multiplying of five bread and fishes also facilitates the factor of compassion towards all the religions. This is with relation to the fact that there were many people from different religious backgrounds and hence Jesus did not discriminate them.

3. What is common ground and how can it help us to bridge needless divides?

The common ground in this issue concerns the generation of compassionate deeds across all the religious groups. This is with the core aim of facilitating peace and harmony among all the people irrespective of their beliefs. The quote in the Christian bible that says that love your neighbor as you love yourself has facilitated compassion. This is because, people are urged to consider others and help them even if they have enmity with them. It might seem ironical but for the sake of our peace and good relations between religions, we have to love others. In the world today, we have witnessed many natural catastrophes and calamities, which require joint efforts to solve the problems. However, with the religious diversities we are unable to render a helping hand to other people who are in need. Thus, there is need to break the religious ties and focus more beyond beliefs and we will realize peace, joy and harmony. Love is the most precious gift that has been given to all human beings in order to enhance peaceful interactions and facilitate development in the areas of residence. Therefore, religions should unite and embrace each other in order to achieve world peace and harmony.


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