Research proposal on Social Movements on Feminist Movements

Research proposal on Social Movements on Feminist Movements


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Research proposal on Social Movements on Feminist Movements

Preliminary review of the literature used

Several sources have been used in this compilation in order to obtain diverse opinions in the matter at hand. In her book, Pippa Norris has addressed the matter of gender equality and its effect on the cultures in the world over. This book has provided an unbiased opinion of gender equality by providing both the advantages and disadvantages. Margaret Walters has also explored many key issues concerning feminism in her book. This book provides a detailed history of feminism and focuses on key aspects, for example, women and politics. In yet another book Feminism by Nancy Dziedzic, the issue of feminism has been explained. This book provides a modern outlook to the battle for gender equality. The book consists of several refereed articles whereby their authors debate on the pros and cons of this movement.

Manheim in his book presents a brief but in depth account on the methods that social movements use in order to obtain what they want. The book has featured several movements and has explained the methods they used to get what they required. The book making waves: Worldwide Social movements, 1750-2005 provides a useful insight on the various social movements that have existed in the United States. Tarrow has elucidated the effects that social movements have had on politics in his book. This book draws examples from past and more recent examples to elaborate this fact. Another important source of vital information on this matter is the book Social Movements by Suzanne Staggenborg. This book explains the basics concerning social movements by the use of several case studies. It centers on all the social movements not only the feminist movement.

Purpose and justification for the research project

This research project will focus on the significance of social movements such as feminist groups in the world over. It will elaborate the effects of this movement on factors such as politics and culture (Tarrow, 2011). It is crucial to know the significance of these movements especially since they are gaining prevalence all over the world. The main aspect of this research project will focus on feminist movements. Their establishment is imperative in understanding their point of views and their demands. This is a viable research project because the number of feminist groups keeps increasing as the days go by. This project will also determine the effectiveness of feminism as a movement. This will be achieved by evaluating their progress in terms of the transformations, they have initiated since their creation (Dziedzic, 2012).

Some US feminist movements have obtained crosscutting solidarity from some married women whose lives were more closely tied to men. This form of support has propelled the feminist movements to great levels of success in fighting for their causes (Walters, 2005). These married women’s support may be attributed to them being considered the lesser of the two genders and, therefore, disrespected. With the rise of the feminist movement, they have obtained a chance to prove that they are not the weaker of the two genders but rather they can be just as successful as their counterparts can. This has made the number of women supporting the movement increase drastically since its initiation (Staggenborg, 2011).

The effect of the feminist movements on politics and culture is becoming increasingly noticeable. This is making it a force to be reckoned with and even politicians are seeking their backing because they have a large group of followers (Anglehart, 2003).The number of women holding prominent positions in various sectors in both government and the industrial sector is proof of the success of the feminist movement. In the past, the number of women with successful careers was countable but today, the number has increased fundamentally and this can be attributed to the feminist movements. Another reason why this research is viable is that it is important to highlight the changes brought about by these movements in the different cultures of the world. The most affected culture is the Islamic culture where the women were mistreated inadvertently. This is because their traditions and beliefs stated that they had no significant rights and that they were objects rather than people (Wallerstain al, 2008).However, with the emergence of these feminist movements, they have obtained more rights that safeguard them as opposed to their situation before. It is essential to understand why these movements came up in the first place. This will enable people to understand their basis and the grounds why they support these causes. It is also fundamental to understand their methods of operations, as well (Manheim, 2011).

Research questions

1. Are social movements still significant today?

2. Why were the feminist movements formed?

3. Is feminism as a movement effective?

4. How successful has this movement been since its inception?

5. What effects has the movement had on culture and politics?

Methodology and Methods

This research will include both qualitative and quantitative research methods. This will ensure that the data obtained is free from prejudice. Qualitative methods aim to acquire a thorough opinion concerning the research topic. Quantitative methods often use mathematical-based theories in the course of the research. They rely more on frequencies and statistics rather than the meanings of the research topic.

a) Quantitative Methods

The main quantitative methods used include the use of questionnaires. Questionnaires are documents with questions that are required to be filled by the respondent. The questions may be open or close ended, in which the former do not limit the opinion of the respondent, but the latter limit their answers to the choices provided. This research project will use both types of questionnaires to gain the opinions of people with diverse beliefs and traditions. However, the number of close- ended questionnaires will be more than the open -ended ones in order to make the work of the researcher less cumbersome.

The use of structured interviews will also be used as a method of data collection. The researcher will ask specific questions pertaining to the topic of study to the interviewee. The responses obtained will be noted by the researcher and will be analyzed later. This method is remarkable because it enables the researchers to obtain the response immediately as opposed to questionnaires that take a longer time. The final quantitative method to be used is secondary analysis. This method will be used to analyze the already existing data that has been collected in order to answer new questions or to obtain different explanations relating to the topic or study under research. This method is important because it enables the researchers to acquire all the possible outcomes concerning their study. This will ensure that they do not ignore or miss anything regarding the research that they have conducted.

b) Qualitative Methods

The methods used will include congruence methods and case studies. In the case of congruence methods, the researchers test the theory against the case. This enables them to decide whether the case under research is congruent or in line with the theory concerning it. This will be fundamental in the case of educational research as the process will be able to support the theory.

The use of case studies will be another qualitative method of research used. This method considers a small group of people as a single group and collects data from them through questions for instance. This is an appropriate method since it saves the researcher a lot of time compared to the use of one-on-one interviews. These research methods will provide the appropriate data required at the end of the research period. There are several case study research methods but the most appropriate one in this particular case will be the single issue/multiple cases research method. This is because the topic under study is only one but it applies to several situations. For instance, the issue of feminist movements may affect politics, culture and the industrial sector. This is why this method is suitable; it will ensure that all the possible cases are covered in the course of the study.


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