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January, 2018


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Problem Statement
Significance of the
Scope of the study
Aims and Objectives of the
Hypothesis (if any)
Proposed Methodology
Time schedule/work plan
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Before starting to
understand the main body of  the research
topic it is important to know about the condominium industry in Sri Lanka.


What is condominium?

There are various definitions given to condominiums in world. Basically
condominium has a dual ownership. Those are owners of the condominium unit and
owners of the common elements such as lifts, pools,gymnasium,24/7  security service, launderette service ,
function rooms and jogging tracks   of the condominium which are not part of the
condominium unit.


There are various factors
affecting for the condominium demand in sri lanka. Main factors are the overall
population growth and urbanization. People tends to attracts to cities due to
quality of living in cities and their highly paid jobs. With that, scarcity of
lands in the cities increased and condominiums are the most effective solution.
And also rising income of people specially upper classes and middle classes in
the society lead to increase of condominium demand. Banking system also give
mortgage money at reasonable interest rates and acceptable terms for purchasing
of condominiums.

There are various types of
condominiums in sri lanka.

Super Luxury ( unit value approximately above 30 million)

Luxury apartments and semi luxury apartments (unit value
about 25 million)

Normal basic apartments (from 18 million to 25 million)

Middle income condominium projects (about 5 million)

Mainly condominiums in sri
lanka are built near to Colombo( Wellawatta, Mount Lavinia , Sri
Jayawardanapura Kotte, Kirulapana, Homagama). And also the market has now
expand towards the nodal points along the highways.






Problem Statement


Currently the condominium
demand and market is in a stabilize situation. Lately there are lot of
challenges and problems faced by both builders and buyers of condominiums  regarding long term sustainability of
condominiums. When ensuring the long term sustainability of condominium ,
builder should have the main responsibility prior to construction and  while construction. Builder should
responsible in delivering a top quality residence and a environmental friendly
design to owners. And also condo should give a better surrounding for community
especially those who live in the condo and around the neighborhood. After that
condos are managed by the unit owners of the condominium.

Some challenges identified
so far

Signs of collapsing of condo market in Sri Lanka according
Urban Development Authority and Central Bank.

Need of amendments to the Condominium management authority
law and apartment law.

Effects for condo market from upcoming port city and mega
polis project.

Challengers faced by buyers and builders

Lack of fire escape system in condos

Improper construction methodologies


Significance of the research


This research is mainly
focused on the current situation of the condominium market as the Sri Lanka
economic and development strategies have changed significantly during last few
years. So identifying the challenges of condominium development projects to
ensure long term sustainability will helpful for stability and the development
of condo market and also future the present and 
condo owners.





Scope of the study


In this research focus will
be mainly given to the condos in  Colombo
area, condos near nodal points of highways , newly rising middle income
condominiums and upcoming condominium projects with the port city development
project and Mega Polis Project in Colombo.


Aims and Objectives of the

Identify current definitions given to condominiums in world
and comes up with definition regarding the Sri Lankan Conditions.

Categorization of 
condominiums in Sri Lanka according the zones they are established.

Identify challenges and problems of condominium development projects
considering long term sustainability and categorize those identified
challenges  according to the various




Firstly an extensive
literature review is performed  on the
research considering the Sri Lankan  and
world conditions.  Next relevant
Authorities regarding condominium in sri lanka is met. Data is collected from
current condominium projects  in  Colombo area, condos near nodal points of
highways , newly rising middle income condominiums and identify main features
and challenges of those condos to investigate long term sustainability.






Use APA 6th Reference style for the
references/bibliography and in-text citations.










Rename your file as “CE4902A01_Index no”
and submit the pdf format files via Moodle and the submission portal will
appear on 10th January 2018 until 12th January 16:00 hrs.


























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