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FORUM: European Convention on Human Rights

QUESTION OF: Legality of and access to Euthanasia in Norway


CO-SUBMITTED BY: ______________________________________


Recalling previous laws and regulations on Euthanasia in Norway. Article 2 of the European Convention on Human Rights, “the convention” (EHCR). According to the agreement, everybody’s “right to life” should be “safeguarded by law.”The law has restricted conditions and circumstances whereby an individual is denied the right apart from death penalty. None of the conditions relates to suicide or euthanasia,

Recognizing there have been many debates regarding euthanasia and the need to establish guidelines on the issue especially among liberals. In addition, there is the Norwegian Medical Association which is under the guiding principle that physicians should not be involved in assisted suicide or euthanasia,

Fully alarmed that euthanasia is illegal in Norway but there has been a section of leaders that want to amend this law in Norway. There are also differences in laws within Europe over the role of assisted death in medicine,

Expressing the concern on the increase in the number of liberals (doctors, patients, citizens and politicians) who support euthanasia and assisted suicide,

Further recognizing there are professions and individuals carrying out euthanasia. Some have been involved in practice that was meant to accelerate the demise of a patient,

Noting with concern through research, that a section of the Norwegian populace view physicians as having restrictive policies and perceptions in relation to euthanasia. In addition, some doctors have undertaken treatments which according to their expert opinion should have been terminated,

Further recalling there are laws on human life in Norway, a member in the State of the Council of Europe and they should not contrast the convention agreement. The laws are generally related to when life begins and ends for any human being,

Congratulating medical professionals and individuals who have conducted their work in accordance with the law. European states with similar laws on euthanasia are also recognized. In addition those in the judiciary have a significant impact on the administration of justice according to the law on euthanasia,

Emphasizing the need to establish suitable laws on euthanasia among European states. These set of laws should be agreeable and adhered to by all states,

Noting the opportunity to create a consensus on the field of medicine especially on the issue of when life ends or is terminated. In additions laws in states such as Norway that allow life support machines to be shut off gives discretion in regard to the right to life of a patient,

Affirming that reaching a common agreement on euthanasia in Europe will create a system of support among the states instead of conflicting interests,

i. The agreement be signed by all members of the delegation,

ii. Implementation be undertaken with immediate effect,

iii. Regular meetings and conferences are held in order to check on whether each country is adhering to the rules,

Proposes a proper system to be established to asses the performance of each of the countries that are signatory to the convention,

Further calls for implementation with immediate action against those undermining the law without favor within the judicial systems of each country,

Appeals for a single unit of selection of professionals from the member countries to review and assess all the states’ policies on euthanasia,

Wishes an effective and efficient involvement of all the countries