Name: Course: Instructor: Date: Response paper Reading 1: Hispanic Americans The article “Hispanic Americans,” written by Martin Marger focuses on the presence of the Hispanic community in the United States, and the impact that it has had on the country socially, economically and politically. The estimated number of American citizens who are or Hispanic origin is about 41 million, which manes up about 15% of the United States’ total population. Marger explains the reasons behind the immigration of the Hispanics from their native countries as well as the conditions that led to this migration. He has expounded on each group differently in order to provide concise details with regard to their history. The Hispanic community comprises of Mexicans, Puerto Ricans and Cubans who are the major groups.

Apart from them, some minority groups also exist like the Dominicans, Central and South Americans. The article explains the hardships that these groups have had to endure over the years and the treatment that they obtained from the mainstream American Citizens. In addition to this, the author has provided information with regard to their economic welfare and political inclinations. I think that this reading is excellent.

This is not only because of the detail that the author has included in it but also because of the ease of the language, he used while writing it. Marger has used several reliable sources to obtain the information he used in the writing of this article. For this reason, the article is very reliable. In addition to this, he has not treated the Hispanic community as one general group; he has split it into the various smaller groups. This has enabled his to cover the history of each of these communities in outstanding detail. I agree with his perceptions pertaining to the issue of the Hispanic Americans. This is because what he has highlighted actually happens in reality.

It is for this reason that I think that Marger is a remarkable writer whose work has been able to shed light on the Hispanic Americans. Reading 2: American Immigration Cultures David Levinson and Melvin Ember wrote this article and it focuses on the African American population in the United States. It follows the immigration of the African American population and the circumstances that led to this immigration. The authors explain where the African Americans were obtained from and the reasons why.

It covers the slavery period and the treatment that the Africans received then especially from the American citizens. The article explains that the Africans were obtained as a source of cheap labor for the Americans. The authors highlight the problems that the Africans faced in the hands of their American employees. Apart from this, the article also explains the fight for equality that the African Americas initiated and its impact on the changes that took place after they achieved equal treatment.

This article has delved into a subject that most people prefer to shun. The mistreatment of the blacks in America had become somewhat the norm but this was wrong. This is because the blacks are similar to the Americans in every regard except their complexion.

I agree with this article’s point of view because I think it is important that racism be abolished for good from our societies. This is because it leads to unnecessary disagreements that lead to bad relationships and hostility for no reason at all. The article is detailed and it provides all the important information that pertains to the history behind the immigration and settlement of the African Americans in the United States. This article is noteworthy because it has covered an important matter that most writers shy away from as it may cause a lot of controversy.


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