Response Paper Name: Lecturer: Institution: Course: Date: Response Paper A number of accounts serve to describe the scenes behind the Boston massacre. This will attempt to compare three particular accounts of the event and give an opinionated view behind their variance. The first article, ‘Captain Preston’s account of the Boston Massacre March 5 1770’ is a personal description of the Boston massacre that led to the death of five civilians and several injured. Captain Preston’s account offers a comprehensive description on this particular event. According to this account, Captain Preston claims that the massacre was unintended in terms of miscommunication among his men. Captain Preston claims that he and his group of soldiers attempted to rescue the sentry when they were attacked by snowballs and clubs. One soldier panicked and shot into the crowd without Captain Preston’s orders and that this shot prompted the rest of the soldiers to shoot leading to the massacre.

The second account ‘The Boston Massacre” by Boston Gazette and Country Journal, March 12, 1770. This account was published by Gill and Edes who provided a full account of the Boston massacre. The account on the event is illustrated in the form of a narrative and gives and a detailed report as it describes the events surrounding that particular event. Compared to the personal account by Captain Preston, the two are rather conflicting than complimentary in their views. From the two accounts, one can establish the finding that the report by the Boston Gazette is lacking in information; probably because it had to rely on conflicting eyewitness stories before drafting a final report.

The third and final account to be reviewed by this paper is a report by a website resource, Wikipedia. Upon reading through this resource information, one is able to establish a major difference with the two other accounts. This particular report on the Boston Massacre is very detailed and labors to engage extensive research to come up with the final draft. The report divides its account in different titled segments from summary, background story, the incident behind the massacre, the trial, and the outcome. Of the three accounts on the Boston massacre, the third account surprised me the most. I attribute this to its endeavor to perform an investigative research and deliver a detailed account on the event.

With all the conflicting reports and bias surrounding the Boston massacre, those who view this event do not regard it as important as other similar historical events. The facts behind numerous accounts on this event are unclear and conflicting. However, it is prudent to understand that the Boston massacre ultimately affected the occurrence of the American Revolution.

The event took place five years before the occurrence of the American Revolution. The event was because of British troops sent to discourage demonstrations on Townshend Acts. This Act aimed to levy import duties paper, paint, glass, and lead articles.

This Act also commissioned the stationing of custom commissioners. The famous Boston Tea Party event was a protest by Boston residents over British tax on imported tea. This tax came along with the Townshend Acts. Even parliament repealed most of the provisions stipulated in the Townshend Acts; the tax levied on tea imports was retained as a means of demonstrating the power of the parliament in controlling colonies. In their protests, Boston citizens acted to disallow the unloading of tea from three British ships. A series of events led to the British closing the port from uncouth behavior from Bostonian citizens. The closure of the port posed devastating effects to Boston and the citizens felt they were pushed too far.

From the events of the massacre in Boston, the citizens moved for something that could have similar effect on the British, The Revolution.`


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