Response to Paper



Response to Paper

In ‘Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Narrative Therapy Models’, various treatments, used in therapy sessions are discussed. Cognitive behavior therapy (CBT), narrative therapy, and their complementing aspects, in providing treatments to individuals receive mention. First, I enjoyed the response on CBT and its application in treating low self-esteem in individuals. It evokes many questions regarding the treatment. I wholesomely agree with the statement of CBT’s implementation. Through rational emotive therapy (RET), CBT helps a patient in identification of negative thoughts. A patient’s recovery takes a lot of work and patients. Negative thoughts are therefore bound to recur. The aforementioned statement raises many questions to me. In my view, an application of CBT techniques in tracking down and recognition of previous negative thoughts, by patients, is missing. The sole emphasis on placement of positive thinking in patients is questionable, in my opinion.

There is an attempt to differentiate narrative therapy, and Christian family therapy. The relation between narrative therapies to societal views is interesting to me as it evokes numerous thoughts. It is mentioned that Christian perspective bases itself on ‘universal truths’ (Yarhouse & Sells, 2003). This statement triggers many thoughts. At this point, I question myself what such truths are. In my understanding, the term ‘truth’ describes a state of knowledge or awareness. For universal application, I feel that there must be a unifying awareness, independent of objectivism brought by the notions of ‘true’ or ‘false.’ The vary basis of Christianity contradicts the understanding of universal truths, in the stated form. The depiction of narrative therapy is fundamentally flawed. In my view, there is an inherent placing of a family’s narrative. Placement of focus is on thin conclusions, instead of, finding out alternative stories, in narrative therapy.


Yarhouse, M. A., & Sells, J. N. (2008). Family therapies: A comprehensive Christian appraisal. Downers Grove, Ill: IVP Academic.


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