Rosie historical impact on the world. When they

Rosie the Riveter was the lady that was
on the We Can Do It! Poster,
which was made by Miller J Howard. Back in the 1900’s Women did not have jobs
that were out of the house. When World war two came, Companies like
Westinghouse Electric Company had no workers. “Artist J. Howard Miller produced
this work-incentive poster for the Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing
Company. Though displayed only briefly in Westinghouse factories, the poster in
later year has become one of the most famous icons of World War II.”
( In hopes that women would apply to work at the
company. Though the poster was out in the world for a short period of time. The
poster began to spread around America like wild fire. The war was so big, many
men had to go straight to war if they were drafted or if they chose to protect
their country.

          War Production Co-Ordinating Committee was one of the creators who made
a historical impact on the world. When they decided to support the poster. They
noticed that the poster will receive so much attention Due to the gender and
the position the lady is in. The Position the lady stands in shows that women
are strong like men. As the outfit that she wears explains that she is working
hard for her country to win the war. With the war Production Co-Ordinating
Committee, America had women working men’s jobs. Which to the world unusual?
For ages male Americans worked all the time and wives stayed home to clean and
cook. The normal American then became not a wife, but a hard-working lady for
her country.

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During 1942 the poster We
Can Do It! Has a simple art style, where the color around the lady does not
distract the viewer in anyway. Then there’s the presentation. The image looks
like, there was a real lady used to create this poster. The way she is dressed
and position shows how a lady should look when working in the factories or
etc.” Rosie the Riveter–the strong, competent woman dressed in overalls and bandanna,
was introducedas a symbol of patriotic womanhood. The accoutrements of war work–uniforms, tools, and lunch pails–wereincorporated into the revised image of the feminine ideal.”
( The poster provides so much to the viewer’s eyes. When a specific
type of audience is viewing the image they get that feeling due to the;
realistic lady in the poster, the clothes she wears to work. As well as the
fact that the lady in the poster works creates a commotion.

          Now that graphic design has developed more and more,
through centuries of experience and knowledge. The visual communication speaks
for itself when put up on a wall. The use of the colors and the technology, the
creator could have done something grand. When you look at all the work the
creator put into the poster. You see that it is super simple. That is what
makes the women feel comfortable. The fact that the poster is simple and
understandable. Many women see the poster as a calling. The slogan We Can Do
It! Just goes to show that women can work in factories as well as men. So when
these posters got put up women took advantage. They got to use all their
abilities to do what men do on a daily basis. Not only that women also got the
chance to change the way the future. Many women still worked after the war.
That is because men realized that the lady could do exactly what man could and
sometimes they can do it ten times better than a man.

          After 1942 when J Howard Miller made
his poster to support the cause, them came another designer who had created a
Rosie the Riveter poster, but shown in a different way. When Norman Rockwell
created Rosie the Riveter in 1943. It caused a lot of Communication when seen.
Due to the fact that his Magazine page artist resembled the same female. Who in
fact is called Rosie the riveter. Women all over America look at these images
and notice one thing. She is a beacon for the women that seek jobs in their
future and hope to see their job as men return from the war. This just happen
to show all the propaganda that was going on in America while men were fighting
the war. Rosie the riveter caused a trend that artist began to use the flag and
muscular women to show what all women can do for their country.

          There are so many factor that are involved in the poster
Rosie the Riveter. The main factors that I will talk about are social and
political factors. The Social factor is that women had Formed a work force and
had become more than just house wives. Then a political factor, women in this
time did have jobs and once this womanly figure came out they started to fill
factory jobs that men use to do. Yes, it might have been, because they were at
war. But they still made the change of women having jobs. People in America
knew the change that was happening and people continued to push the war

          The social factor is the women in families were also making
money to support their family. It wasn’t only the man. They also created a
women’s work force that changed the way work was seen. Such as factory workers
just being men. Factories needed the workers and the only labor there was, was
the women who stayed home waiting for their husbands. The Rosie the Riveter
poster had a huge impact on the work force and there just was a big impact on
the war.