Sacred Heart; from the traditions and goals, to the education and team building opportunities-Sacred Heart truly helps me build the best-version-of-myself each and every day. Throughout my Sacred Heart education, I can learn so many things, academic or otherwise. Sacred Heart schools like Oak Hill help me realize how lucky I am to have such great possibilities to fulfill my vocation.

The goals are very important to me and really have become a part of who I am.   Having a personal and active faith in God is an essential aspect of going to a Sacred Heart school, in addition to that, it is also an important part of my own life. Though I am able to go to Mass at other schools, one of the things that makes A Sacred Heart education special is First Friday Mass and the dedication to the Sacred Heart. It lets me build even more community and helps me recognize important traditions through faith. I also enjoy learning about the different parts of Mass in religion and then seeing them come to life once a week. Being part of the liturgy choir and handbell choir is also a privilege because it allows me to express myself through music and pray at the same time. I also get to be an Altar Server and actively participate in some of the sacred parts during that Mass.

This makes me feel like I am there with Jesus. Overall, from altar serving to learning about the Mass, there are many things that make expressing my faith special at a Sacred Heart school like Oak Hill.   The privilege of have such an amazing education here at Oak Hill is very important to me. I always appreciate how lucky I am to have that. One of the things I especially like about Oak Hill is that along with working in groups for classroom activities, all the teachers are willing to work with me privately and often do. They also teach me how to learn individually within a group. This really helps me get a better grasp on whatever is being taught. For instance, during literature circles, my group and I read on our own and marking spots of interest with questions or connections.

I can even grow my vocabulary at the same time! Then, I get to share with my group and discuss the places I marked. This is a great example of how my teachers always make sure to help me prepare, whether it’s for an upcoming test, project, or even grade, they always give me the tools to grow on a skill no matter what I’m learning especially at a deeper level. My teachers are always thinking about what might be best for me in the future and have even taught me to do the same.   Social awareness is very important to me because I love helping others who are less fortunate than myself. One way that Sacred Heart stands out is the apostolic works that I’ve been doing with my class since Kindergarten. In fifth and sixth grade, I get to have a pen pal at the Mary Ryder Home, a home for less fortunate elderly women. I get to meet with my pen pal twice a year and talk with her. We also write letters, play cards, exchange Christmas gifts, and eat treats.

This makes a very big difference in the community because it shows that no matter a person’s situation, they will always be loved by God and that just a simple gesture of kindness can really help someone. Sacred Heart helps me appreciate all that I have and learn the importance of giving to those less fortunate.    Sacred Heart schools like Oak Hill help me to create a loving, caring, and supportive environment for myself and others. Oak Hill enables me to acquire teamwork skills, problem-solving strategies, and to adapt to new environments. For example, when I went to six grade camp, my teachers made sure my friends and I all had equal opportunities to grow closer to our classmates and have the freedom to actively participate in team building activities. Oak Hill also gives me an environment to create such a closeness with my friends that I’m sure I couldn’t get anywhere else.

The fact that my education as well as my friends’ are all based on the Goals enables us to be very tight, even if our beliefs are slightly different. Having that kind of friendship really opens my eyes to how amazing it is to be taught not only math or grammar but building my social skills in a safe environment where everybody is always there to help.The ability to make my own choices here at Oak Hill is very important for me to experience. While at other places, whether a different school, camp, or even basketball practice, a poor choice may be stopped before it can happen.

While preventing bad things from happening is usually good, I also feel that it is important to learn from our mistakes and understand the consequences. For example, whenever I have to go to the nurse, my teachers trust me that I don’t feel well. However, if I know that if I miss class, I will have to make up many notes, and possibly have to study without some crucial material. Therefore, I think having the opportunity to make decisions myself is a great way to prepare me for the future.In conclusion, Sacred Heart schools like Oak Hill make me who I am.

It is hard to think how life would be without it. All that I say and do truly revolves around the goals and Sacred Heart life.


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