Satoshi elementary school grade and beginning of middle

Satoshi Ishigaki


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December 10 ,2018


A.    Sports an activity loved by most

B.     Students play in competitive teams
to become a pro

C.     Therefore, students from the
elementary school grade and beginning of middle school should not experience body
breaking training from club teams so the children don’t break their bodies
physically, mentally, and lose interest in life.


A.    Physical damage

B.     Mental damage

C.     Loss of interest


A.    Children can play sports but should
not play competitive sports until at an older age

teams are not good for your health

Sports, the activity most people do
as a hobby, job, or for other personal reasons. People participating in sports
can experience with friends, join a team, or watch it. People joins teams to
play in competitions and some people start early to believe in getting a head
start from others. However, that ‘head start’ may not always be the best answer
because the human body has limits more to the people who have underdeveloped
bodies, an example of an underdeveloped bodies are children from the elementary
school grades and the beginning of middle school that can easily cause broken
bones by experiencing harsh training that pushes the body to a limit. Since
children have under developed bodies and minds it may be a good opportunity to
strengthen their bodies however bodies do break by overworking which leads to children’s
future in sports. Therefore, students from the elementary school grade and
beginning of middle school should not experience body breaking training from
club teams so the children don’t break their bodies physically, mentally, and
lose interest in life.

Most children play, to participate
in multiple experience to develop themselves as people from a society or
adulthood. Every child has a dream to become professional in what they love so
children start early in sports to become a talented child to possibility become
a professional player in the future. However, the downfall comes from joining a
team that treats children as adults and make them experience hard training to
make the children become a player who plays like a professional young player.
Children’s bones are easy to break when they are students from elementary age. An
academic journal written by Donna L. Merkel, a doctor from Bryn Mawr hospital
said, “Depending on the stage of
physical growth, children and adolescents often injure anatomic structures that
are different from those injured in adults. Children’s bones are weaker than
their ligaments and tendons, therefore they are at an increased risk for fractures
throughout the bone and growth plate” (Merkel, 2013, p.155). When the body is pushed too far
causing life injuries and children have to bear with it from a young age. On
the other hand, people may say if children start from a younger age they can
develop their bodies but the percentage of that actually happening is not high
because in simple terms children are not adults and can not face the same
struggles as what adults experience. 

Next, sports can be tough on the
human mind because of the long period of time people have to experience since
most sports has a long-time period in each game. Most sports have a long game
length like soccer with ninety minutes or baseball with nine innings but if tied
the players keep playing until one team wins.  Staying focused for a long period of time is a
difficult task not many people can do. On top of trying to stay focused people
have to endure pain in their bodies telling them to stop but once people stop,
they will lose the game so it can be a struggle to participate in time
consuming sports like baseball, soccer, and basketball. People believe playing
sports helps keep their mental health strong enough to do their job once they
are older however children do not have to work so it doesn’t hurt to wait
couple years to wait until children can deal with pain so they can fit with
society without experiencing damage to their health from a young age.

Lastly children can who end up
playing sports on a competitive level has three different paths and only one of
them is a bright path. Path one being children who start at young age and
continue playing their sport throughout their life and experience a bright
future which is highly unlikely and narrow path considering how many pro
athletes there are and considering how many of them actually can live with just
sports. The next path goes towards the consequences and as explained children
have undeveloped bodies and can cause childrens to get permanently injured and
not experience multiple activities because the injury stops people from doing
harsh activities and can sometime endangered people’s lives just from
overworking at a young age. The last path is not as dark however children are
curious but at the same time they get sick of what they do so if children
experience pain and suffering and leave negative images can cause the child to
quit and possibly waste a future with sports. Students can lose interest in the
future if they experience too much from the sport, people call that burning
out. A journal written by Corliss N. Bean, Michelle Fortier, Courtney Post, and
Karam Chima explains, “Burnout is a phenomenon that is considered to be part of a
series of negative conditions that include over-reaching and overtraining. “It
has been comprised of three dimensions that include emotional exhaustion,
depersonalization, and reduced performance accomplishment and can be described
as a prolonged response to chronic emotional and interpersonal stressors. It
has been found to occur due to chronic stress that can lead to a cessation of
participation in a sport or activity (e.g., dropout) that one had previously
found to be enjoyable” (Bean, 2014, 1240). So even if people to enjoy sports,
by overworking can cause to get sick of it and lose interest in life.

In my opinion people should participate
in sports to keep their health at an ill free state but avoid experiencing
overtraining to break their bodies much less from students around the age of
elementary and middle school. Sports help connect to the people in their
society and have connections to the world and while experiencing the same
struggles can strengthen bonds. However, if people’s bodies break because of
that it is simply not worthen since children can easily have their body mental
broken and also cause them to have problems in the future.











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