Mozambique Flooding

Mozambique’s worst flooding in 50 years led to impacts and effects that devastated the country and the people not only socially but also physically and economically too. In the table below I have separated the floods’ effects into Short term and long term effects: Short term effectsLong term effects Electricity Cut-off- Electricity was cut off due to the torrential water’s force that swept away the electricity transmission towers. Death and severe injuries- 100s died as a result of the floods, thousands suffered from water-borne diseases and dysentery.Transport – Transport is a major struggle in LEDCs like Mozambique and the floods […]

Business Report

Name: Lecturer: Course: Date: Business Report TASK-1 Northern Hi-Tec Electronics Ltd. production problem The production process for Northern Hi-Tec E. Ltd, is rather complex because the company engages in the production of several components. Each of the components has variable production costs and time taken in production. This is further complicated by the fact that the components have different sales values. All this decision variables and their constraint have to be taken into account in order to ensure the company runs at optimal profitability. The analysis of a linear programming model on the production and sales processes of the company […]

I and it again fuelled this is overdue

Iwill critically evaluate as an analysis method for post-election violence alsochallenges that victims go through. My discussion does focus on methodologicalconcerns correlated beside the use regarding interviewswhile post-election exercise as a research. I willevaluate the literature concerning post-election tumult inside Kenya.Moreover, summarize ethical concerns concerning the use of interviews beforedrafting a summing-up.  Literature review.  The dynamics in Kenya politicsis heavily about attached along the ethnic lines. The series offierce outbursts in many regions are based on opposition strongholds. Followingthe declaration regarding 2007 ballot results, the onslaught lasted for closeto two months (Burchard, S.M 2008). This unrest involved disagreements betweentwo ethnic associations concerning two main presidential candidates. Then-President Mwai Kibaki from one Kikuyu tribe, and formerly prime […]

What are the different sources of energy? And

What is the best energy source in the Philippines? Jamaica Q. RamirezEnergy standout amongst the most important components of the universe. It is one of the key components that support every living organism on Earth. When we eat, our body converts the food into a usable form of energy that we use to get through to different activities we have for the day. From entering into a vehicle to go to class towards the beginning of the day to turning off your light switch before hopping into bed during the evening, our day is filled with incalculable activities that depends on […]

The used for war and the cotton gin

The reason i choose these three inventions is because i feel like there the most needed if youchoose to be a farmer. My inventions are the cotton gin, milking machine and barbed wire. Ipicked these inventions because in my opinion they are the most efficient in farming. Theseinventions to me make farming faster bring more money in and are the best for farming.Barbed wire is one of the cheapest depending on how long it is and is one of the best whenhaving cattle. Barbed wire can be used for many things it used for security, keeping animals in acertain area. […]

Livestock are further classified into green fodder and

Livestock FeedFeed accounts for 65-70 per cent of the total cost of production and maintenance of the animals. There is a direct relation between the nutritional status of the animals and the type of feed fed. For getting the best results, feeding of animal needs planned, scientific, practical as well as economical approach.Livestock feeds are generally classified as roughages and concentrates (Figure 1). Roughages are further classified into green fodder and dry fodder. Green fodder is cultivated and harvested for feeding the animals in the form of forage (cut green and fed fresh), silage (preserved under anaerobic condition) and hay […]

Throughout Union law, it governs the limits on

Throughout this essay, the focuswill be the three main principles, which are conferral, subsidiarity and proportionalityand assessing how the principles work together to shape the legislativecompetence of the European Union today.  Conferral being one of thefundamental principles of European Union law, it governs the limits on Unioncompetences, while the principles of subsidiarity and proportionality governthe use of those competencies. These specific competencies are stated inArticle 2-6 of the Treaty of the Functioning of the European Union1.The competencies that are not conferred on the European Union by the treaties,therefore it remains with the European Union. There are types of competences.The following […]

In this essay I am going to say

 In this essay I am going to say in my opinion what is the three top most inventions.Why it is the invention important. Why it is in the top three inventions. How it has helped theagriculture farming. These three inventions I believe are one of the top three inventions that havebeen introduced to agriculture. I feel that all of them were really well but i think the top most invention is the gastractor. I feel that it is the top most invention because it saves farmers money. It also helpsfarmers because they don’t have to buy horses any more for […]

Farmworkers minimum wage. Children of farmworkers are also

Farmworkers today are being mistreated and exploited for work without fair conditions.Immigrant farmworkers come to America with hope of a better life with their family, but come short when they can’t find jobs. They resort to farm work to make some money. Today farmworkers are paid below minimum wage and suffer increased risk of  mental health issues due to problems such as unsanitary conditions, living in poverty, and harassment, on a daily basis. Consumers can help them by supporting bills that give farmworkers more rights or breaks, and by boycotting products that weren’t grown ethically.     Due to the fact […]

George was a famous scientist known for his

George Washington Carver, born in 1864 into slavery, was a famous scientist known for his work in botany along with his professorship at Tuskegee Institute. His creativity and intelligence for a person of his color during that time made him one of the most famous scientists in the African American community of all time. Carver was born into slavery in Diamond, Missouri, so the actual date of his birthday is unknown, but he was most likely born in 1864. As a child, George Carver began his love of nature. His poor health allowed him time away from working in the […]

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