Split Cherry Tree

Split Cherry Tree by Jesse Stuart is a story that takes place in a time when people thought more about farming and less about education. This story addresses conflicts concerning “rich vs. Poor” as well as “educated vs. uneducated”. Dave Sexton along with five of his classmates climbs a neighbor’s cherry tree to capture a lizard while on a field trip with his high school biology class. The cherry tree is broken and the owner wants the six boys to each pay a dollar for the cost of the tree. Dave does not have the dollar need, so Professor Hubert […]


Name: Lecturer: Course: Date: Respiration 1. Compare tubes 1 and 2. What effect does additional glucose have on the rate of CO2 production in yeast? Additional glucose will convert sugar molecules into CO2, alcohol and water. The CO2 expands producing gaseous bubbles, which will make the yeast to rise and the same time causing the temperatures to increase. Thus, additional glucose increases the rate of CO2 production. 2. Why do you think additional glucose had this effect? This is because in the absence of dissolved oxygen, yeast will continue to breathe through searching oxygen from sugar molecules. In the process, […]

Lab Experiment on Muscles

INSTRUCTIONS NOT FOLLOWED: the experiment should be to identify which hand is a stronger muscle by providing different people on pressing or squeezing the ball for a specific period of time that should be identified and counting how many times can each hand press the ball not by recording the reactions of the people Name: Course: Tutor: Date: Lab Experiment on Muscles Aim The aim of this experiment is to examine the stronger hand muscles between the right and the left hands. Background Information The hands are used for numerous functions where their functions can be traced back into the […]

Clam Dissection

Lab Report Name: Institution: Lecturer: Course: Date: Lab Report Title: Clam Dissection Introduction The phylum Mollusca consist of various types of species including clams, octopus and squid. Similar to other marine Mollusks, the clams have a mantle that surrounds their soft body. They also have a muscular foot that is mainly used for burrowing into mud or sand. They are endowed with a visceral mass above the foot that contains the body organs (Postlethwait, et al., 2006). Purpose: To study the internal anatomy of a bivalve mollusk, Materials: dissecting pan, dissecting kit, screwdriver, rubber gloves, preserved clam, safety glasses and […]

Aspects of Psychology

Aspects of Psychology Name: Course: Lecturer: Institution: Date: Aspects of Psychology Introduction Generally, adaptation has been perceived as getting used to a particular environment when a certain aspect is introduced to it. However, in psychology, sensory adaptation also known as neural adaptation has been described as the change in the response and feeling that a person gets immediately when they come into contact with a particular object (Culler, 2011). Usually, man has five senses and they all serve their purpose towards enabling differentiation of different feelings. When used, they create a feeling to a person, which after a reasonable period, […]


Molecular biology isthe study of structure and interactions of cellular molecules (including thatof RNA, DNA and proteins) which undertake processes specific to living things. Throughthe study of molecular behaviour, scientists can compare gene sequences within DNAof one species of animal with another to determine their evolutionaryrelationship. The presence of mutations in genes is shared across all livingthings and can be traced back to an evolutionary relative. By comparing geneticsequences, relatedness between two individuals can be determined from the levelof genetic diversity between them, as it displays when they last shared amutual ancestor. This is done by calculating when a mutation […]

Mutation on each of the four bases can

MutationIn biology, amutation is the permanent alteration of the nucleotide sequence  of thegenome of an organism or extrachromosomal DNA or other genetic elements.1″Mutation is achange in a DNA sequence, either dueto mistakes when the Dna is copied or as the result of environmental factorssuch as UV light and cigrette smoke.”§  Mutagenesis2is a process by which mutation is produced. General characteristics of Mutation§ Mutation are normally recessive, but dominant mutations also occur.§ Some mutations are harmful, some are beneficial or neutral.§ Mutation are random, It occurs in any cell of an organism at any time. § Sometimes mutations may occur again and again.They are recurrent.     Role of mutation§ Basic […]

Complex can only be seen on its own

 Complex carbohydrates can only be found as polysaccharideswhich means they have lots of sugar units.  Glycogen, cellulose and starch all contain lots of sugar units so theyare classed as polysaccharides, but starch is the only one that can be brokendown further in to amylose and amylopectin. Complex carbohydrates can be found in foods like beans and whole grainsand also contain a high amount of minerals and vitamins.Complex sugarsA compound sugar is formed when monosaccharidescome together and join.   Each time a bondis made, a molecule of water is lost which is known as a condensationreaction.  Although molecules are lostwhen they bond, […]

Today one where the concentration of solutes is

Today we are going to be learning about passive transport. Passive Transport is when substances diffuse across the plasma membrane. Specifically in passive transport, we are going to do a lab all based on osmosis. Osmosis is when a substance crosses a semipermeable membrane in order to balance the concentrations of another substance. Water moves from areas of high concentration to areas of low concentration. In biology, this is usually when a solvent such as water flows into or out of a cell depending on the concentration of a solute such as salt. Osmosis deals with two parts of a […]

Background study focuses to the ABM students who

Backgroundof the study Inevery class there is a time for every subject, but sometimes some of mattersthat instead of having a classes it become vacant time, the student will have avacant time. Because of that vacant time the student experience idle, therejust spending their time for nothing. ABM learners also experience the idlemoments during class hour. Thisresearch study focuses to the ABM students who already experience idle momentsduring class hour. Did idle moments can help so that their mind can relax oridle moments have a effect to their studies? This study wants to know if theABM learners experience idle moments in their […]

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