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William Lawrence Bragg was born on March 31, 1890, in Adelaide, South Australia andwas the first of three children. Five years later, Germany had stumbled upon the newphenomenon of x-rays, which would have a major impact on Bragg’s life later on. At nine yearsold, Lawrence enrolled in Queens School, excelling in mathematics, chemistry, and physics.During the year of 1901, Bragg started high school at Saint Peter’s College, Adelaide, where hestudied mathematics and chemistry and where physics were nonexistent. Because Lawrence wasso far ahead of his peers, he completed high school at the age of fifteen. Also in Lawrence’syouth, he used […]

15.7.3 second source of oxygen in water is

15.7.3 Importance of Dissolved Oxygen (D.O) in water             The concentration of dissolved oxygen in water is of vital importance for the support of aquatic life.. Lower the concentration of dissolved oxygen, more the water is polluted. Dissolved oxygen of a sample of water is defined as the mass of oxygen dissolved in unit volume of water. It is usually expressed in parts per million (ppm). The optimum usage value of D.O for domestic use is 4-6 ppm which is able to maintain aquatic life.           Oxygen reaches water through two sources. The first is that oxygen dissolves at the […]

Gas an ice water bath 2. Leave the

Gas Temperature and Gas Volume Step One: Conducting the Investigation Introduction: This report discusses an experiment to investigate the relationship that exists between temperature and volume of air in a sealed syringe that is either heated or cooled with water in different temperature.  Charles’ Law, where V is the volume, T is temperature, and k is constant of proportionally, states that the volume of a given amount of gas held at constant pressure is directly proportional to the Kelvin temperature.  For comparing the same substance under two different sets of conditions, the law can be written as, and it shows […]

Brush Creek

Name: Title of Report: Date of Submission: Instructor: Introduction Brush Creek is a stream located in the state of Missouri. The stream, which is also part of the Blue River’s tributaries, flows from the county of Johnson in Kansas through the county of Jackson in Missouri. The main objective of performing the experiment on the Brush Creek is to determine the type of pollution and the presence of various notable organisms in the stream. Apparently, the purpose of performing the experiment on the Brush Creek is to determine the safety level for its usage by people. The hypothesis deduced for […]


In this experiment, an acid-base extraction was performed for the purpose of separating a mixture of benzoic acid, 4-chloroaniline, and naphthalene. After each has been isolated, a melting point apparatus was utilized to measure the melting point of each compound.  Extraction is a fundamental type of technique experiment. The most critical of extractions applied in Organic Chemistry are solid-liquid, liquid-liquid, and acid-base extractions. In a solid-liquid extraction, a solid compound is dissolved into a liquid permissible for that substance, and then is removed through a filtration process. The primitive goal behind the concept of a liquid-liquid extraction is to resolve […]

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Introduction In recent years there have been a large majority of car crashes that has happened on the roads, In Hong Kong there were a total of 16,099 accidents in total in 2016 (kwiksure.com, 2017). It is important the passengers and drivers are safe if there ever was a accident. A car crash can get serious or fatal and can cause a lot of damage towards our body. When there is a car crash, there is an airbag that comes in as a very useful tool to protect the driver and passengers from any damages to our body. The airbag […]

C60 metal ions, although there’s no evidence to

C60 behaves chemically like an electron deficient alkene, since it has sp2 carbon atoms but tends to avoid double bonds in the pentagonal rings, which causes poor electron delocalisation throughout the molecule. This means that C60 behaves chemically like an electron deficient alkene and can take place in addition reaction; like the addition of the O-Os-O unit across 2 fused six-membered rings 1. addition reactions to metal atoms and ions have been of particular interest. The fullerene C60 offers a range of bonding modes to metal ions, although there’s no evidence to show whether a metal atom could become part […]

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