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Technological advancements scriptIntroduction:NAME ChrisWelcome to war stories. in this episode we will discuss tanks and tea bags.What you probably know about the first world war is that it was a bloody war with a lot of casualties. in fact over 41 million. What you probably didn’t know is that the war also was a time of great technological advancements. As was the case in world war two or any war, the first world war has seen some great inventions that we are still using every day. The entire country focussing on winning the war proved to be a good way […]

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  The tight-binding approach to the problem of the electronic energy levels in solids is intuitively very charming. A tight-binding method using a few interaction parameters describes precise results for the valence bands of the diamond and zincblende crystals. The tight-binding method is equivalent to that of Slater and Koster. These consist phonon frequencies at high-symmetry points, bulk point defects such as vacancies and interstitials, and surface reconstructions. The TB parametrization rehabilitates experimental measurements and ab initio calculations well, indicating that it definded faithfully the underlying physics of bonding in silicon. We used this model to the investigate of finite […]

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  Question 1: Describe the differences between compressible and incompressible flows. 1.       A flow in which the density of each fluid element remains constant is noted to be incompressible. If the fluid is compressible, the density is a non-constant function of the pressure, temperature, phase and composition of the fluid. Another difference between compressible and incompressible fluids is the manner at which the fluid responds to a force input and the way that forces are transmitted through the fluid. For a compressible fluid, force input does not result in an immediate flow. The fluid compresses near the location of the […]

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While this seems to be a crucial part of the arts, it is also applicable to many other areas in our lives, with religion and faith being one of them. When beginning to have faith in any given religion, the ideas are abstract and essentially invisible, and it is not until these ideas are explained, and sustained, that people begin to say what they believe in is real. This is similar to a theatrical experience, as audience’s disbelief is never immediately suspended, it takes time. In this sense, suspension of disbelief becomes an essential element of faith, and when faith […]

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Keywords   Digital Rock Physics, Porosity, Segmentation, Optimization   Summary   Core samples have always been a luxury for measuring reservoir properties. However, in most cases the cores become non-usable after a single experiment. Methods such as Digital Rock Physics (DRP) based on image processing is offering an alternative to model these reservoir properties with better control on subjective biases of the experimentation and is non-destructive in nature. DRP involves imaging the formation and simulating the field performance to account for various non-homogeneity in the reservoir formation. Over some time now, it has become a popular method but in case […]

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Experiment R: Relative Densities Abstract This report discusses how to find relative densities of unknown materials using three different methods and includes explanations of the results achieved, as well as comparisons to known data. It was found that each method was better fitted for the physical state of the exercised material. Improvements that may benefit the safety or accuracy of the results for each method used is discussed further into the report. The purpose of this report was to compare the three methods to discover which was the most accurate or reliable in determining the density of each sample. Introduction […]

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Conor Mullen – N5 Physics Assignment Boyle’s Law Aim To investigate the effect on pressure when the volume of a fixed mass of gas is decreased.   Underlying Physics In a gas, intermolecular forces are weak which allows particles to move around. As they move around, they may collide with each other or the walls of their container. If the volume of the container is decreased, the number of particles per unit area is increased. Hence, collisions occur more frequently. If the temperature is increased, the particles move with more kinetic energy which means collisions occur more often and due […]

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AbstractThe purpose of this study is to get an understanding of the physics behind golf, so one can fully understand how golf works. The main focus will be on how the golf ball can travel as far as possible and how the flight of the golf ball changes in the air.The study will be a meta-analysis, and I have collected information from different sourcesIntroduktionGolf är en sport relativt många har hört talas om, sett, eller spelat. En bollsport som tycks se enkel ut i första hand, men som är i själva verket komplex. Nationalencyklopedins definition av golf är “ett precisionsspel […]

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