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Livingour lives in the 20th century, social issues such as bullying isstill a major problem occurring in our society. Not all people experienced thesituation of being bullied, but the unfortunate one may not be able to forgetthis kind of predicament. Statistics shows that more than one out of every five(20.8%) students report being bullied (National Centre for Educational Statistics,2016). One might wonder, what are the factors that cause bullying? Some of thereasons are due to problematic family, taking revenge and jealousy towardsvictim. Oneof the factors that causes bullying is problematic family. “Children who bullyare more likely to come from family environments […]

The education program that thrives on children freedom

The Montessori Education ProgramIntroduction The Montessori EducationProgram was developed by Dr. Maria Montessori. The Montessori education programis a well-known education program that thrives on children freedom of Choiceand group-based centers in the classroom. Dr. Montessori’s realized that everychild has its own unique gifts and talents, which is why she created anenvironment for children where they come in each day and choose what they wantto work on. The Method for the Montessori program has been tested all over theworld and statistics it has over 100 years of success. Even though I prefer theMontessori education program, it is a great choice because I […]

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1Onychomycosis and TerbinafineAshton, R., Leppard, B., Cooper, H. (2014). Differential Diagnosis in Dermatology. (4th ed.). Florida: CRC Press. According to Ashton, Leppard, and Cooper (2014) onychomycosis, also known as tinea unguium or fungal nail infection, is caused by dermatophyte (Greek for ‘skin-plant’) fungi which multiply on the nail plate while living off the keratin within the nail itself causing it to become brittle, discoloured and thickened. Usually seen in toenails due to their slower growth rate and thus enabling the infection to take hold, Ashton, R. Leppard, B and Cooper, H. (2014) point out that they can be challenging to […]

The variables ( CV ) – variables other

The strength of the linear correlation between the bivariate data has to be tested to see if there is a linear correlation between the bivariate data. The PPMCC, denoted by r measures the strength and direction of the linear correlation between the bivariate data and takes on the range of -1 ?r ?1. When the value of  r=0, it only shows that there is no linear correlation between the bivariate data but it does not suggest that any other forms of relationship between the bivariate data do not exist.It is important to note that in specific contexts, the significance of […]

The Effect of Computer in Our Daily Lives

Why Do They Fail? Statistics show that most people who begin high school finish. Some drop out, of course, but approximately three-quarters earn a diploma. At the post-secondary level, however, fewer than two-thirds of the students complete their program of study. Why do so many college and university students drop out? Knowing the factors that prevent students from completing their post-secondary programs may prove crucial to you regardless of whether you are presently a college student or thinking of becoming one.Most educators agree that the principal causes of failure are lack of basic skills, lack of study skills, and lack […]

Applying Creative and Critical Thinking

Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Applying Creative and Critical Thinking I was the group leader of an academic group where we had been assigned duties. The course was Statistics and the instructor had given out assignments to each group. The final exam would involve a debate on the Introduction to Probability. Our group comprised of four people and we decided to distribute roles. I was given the role of researching for the materials for the presentations of the debate. This presented a problem for me in that I was also in charge of the group. The cause of the problem was […]


Analysis Name: Course: Institution: Date: Analysis A negative correlation is depicted by a curve sloping from the left to the right in contrast to a positive correlation between items, which is depicted by a sloping curve from the right to the left. A correlation of -66 can be interpreted as a gradient of negative 66. Thus, the variables age and their scores on an engagement scale are depicted by increase in either of the variables and a decrease in the other (Boudreau, & McClave, 2008). Thus, an increase in the age can be interpreted as a decrease in their scores […]

The can move forward with inclusion and our

The purpose of this assignment was to explore and criticisethe challenges teachers are faced with when providing inclusive practice in adata driven organisation. However, it is suggested that inclusion is not a destinationthat will ever be reached. Instead inclusion should be seen as ongoing ratherthan a final target (Naylor,2005). And with that  Lani Florian (2014) concludes that a clear definition ofinclusive education is absent in recent reviews. It is unclear as to whatactions are needed to develop and enhance policy and practice. The starting pointis believing that education is the basis for an unbiased society and that educationis a human […]


Visualculture is the aspect of interpretation of culture in visual form. There is arising importance of understanding what we cannot see with our own eyes. Studyingof visual culture can be able to help us understand that. We cannot understandthe dangers of battle unless we are clearly shown what they can cause forexample, in the village earth presentation; we are given a clear picture of the500 million people in the world dealing with loneliness of imprisonment, dangerof battle, starvation and the agony of torture. This is something realhappening today in the world and with the aid of visual culture we are […]

Introduction which affects the final seal of the

Introduction Variousformer studies have shown that the dentin wall was covered with smear layerafter mechanical shaping of the root canals with instrument (1,2). Disregardingof the controversy over retaining the smear layer it has been recognized that thesmear layer itself may be infected and may protect the bacteria within thedentinal tubules (3). Smear layer not only contains organic components but alsohave inorganic component in the form of dentin chips etc (1). The penetrationof intracanal disinfectants (4) and sealers into dentinal tubules wereprevented by smear layer, which affects the final seal of the root canalfilling (5, 6, 7). Irrigantsare paramount for complete […]

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