SeismicRetrofitting with SFW Construction Stayon top of your home’s safety during earthquakes and reduce the possibility of irreparabledamage! Seismic failures are known to typically happen when a house slidesoff its concrete foundation or when the primary walls below the main floorareas of the house experience significant failure.

WithPortland and Seattle being hubs of seismic activity and full of historic homes,residents can especially benefit from structurally reinforcing their houses withSFW Construction.  Our professional teamsensure that your home is properly protected to reduce possible damages andrepair costs in the future! Curious about how your home could benefitfrom this service?CLICK HERE to see an outline of industrytechniques provided by the Portland, Oregon government. This document focuseson critical areas that are commonly found in residential homes in the PacificNorthwest.…Keep on reading to learn how SFWConstruction can help you complete these important steps… Though not always implemented asa total, each one of these strategies offers you a peace of mind and adds alayer of insurance for your home and household in case of any earthquakeactivity. Foundation Anchors: Our professional seismic-retrofitteam connects your basement wall tothe foundation to keep the house in place, despite any movement in the soil thatmay occur. Vertical bolts areused where space allows. If space is limited our crew will then instead use Foundation brackets with horizontal bolts.Framing Anchors: To preserve stableframing within your residence, the SFW Crew will attach rim joist to mud sills and floor joist to mud sills.

Water Heater Strapping: An easy butoften overlooked solution, Water Heater Strapping prevents one’s heater falling and causing waterdamage. This can also be used as emergency drinking water source! Gas Emergency Shutoff Valve:   The SFW Team is happy to install this featureas it greatly reduces the risk of structurefires during seismic activity.   Shear Wall: This techniqueis when our crew at SFW Construction carefully adds new layers of plywood to the basement woodframe.  This newly created “Shear Wall”(a.

k.a. Cripple Wall) then protects your home against any possible side-to-sidemovement. Improved Masonry: Even the hardest ofmaterials are known to wear and weather over time. Your footers and basement walls made of concrete,brick or stone should be evaluated by our team and reinforcement or replaced asneeded.   Post and Beam Reinforcement: For this step, our SFWConstruction crew add Bracketswhich contribute resistance and prevention of potential side-to-side motion yourhome may experience.  Porch Strengthening: Especially importantin our area, this practice allows our team at SFW Construction to add new posts and beams inside historic box beamsand hollow columns.

  This reinforcement workstowards preventing a collapse of the porch during possible earthquakes. Chimney Banding and Bracing or Removal: Chimneys areimportant for staying warm and smoke-free in the winter, but the risk of collapse is prevalent which has thepossibility of causing injury to occupants and damages to the structure. Our professionalsensure that your chimney structure is up to code and can withstand futureshakes.

 How Disruptive is the RetrofittingProcess with SFW Construction?If all the work is to be done incrawl space areas, which it is in most cases, the disruption will be minimal.This usually consists of no more than a week at your home and some noise comingfrom under the house. You will be requestedto assist with SFW Construction’s team during the retrofitting process in thefollowing ways… ·        Residents will be requestedto provide access to the areas of your home that needs to be inspected duringour initial visit.  ·        Household memberswho participate in decision making regarding your home will be asked to sitdown with our Project Manager for further information and a discussion detailinghow we will implement our improvement plan.  ·        If you have anyvaluables and personal items located in the expected work areas, you will be askedto temporarily relocate these matters out of the way. ·        You will be askedto prepare and arrange for the fitting of smoke detectors in bedrooms andhallway areas of your home if this activity is not already completed.  ·        Lastly, you will beimplored to have an adult member of your household be available during thefinal inspection, which may require you to be at home most of a full day.

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