SelfReflection as PractitionerNirmalaAcharya AdhikariHH/NURS3901 ZYorkUniversityJanuary22, 2018ProofRead- Pratiksha Dahal   Nurses provide care to diverse group of peoplewith different culture, ethnic group of all ages, families and community. (ICN,2012).  After completion of my secondaryschool, I informed my parents that I want to enroll in nursing school andbecome a nurse, as I had the passion to become a nurse and help the communitypeople. My parents were convinced and they support my decision and I enrolledin a nursing program. I was able to gather so many experiences with a widerange of different areas of practice.

Firstly, I would like to say nursing has definitelymade me the person I am today. Nursing for me was a passion. I can’t express my happinesswhen I get so many thank you cards from patients. I decided to upgrade myqualification and after, working as a “nursing instructor”, was one of the best decisions of my life. Myphases of experiences keep on changing in my life, I know it was hard to managebeing daughter in law, wife and a fulltime working mom, but I never give up. Idid my “good job” maintaining balance in all the relation very well. I believethat I have learnt so much more from my patients and students than I have evergiven to them. On the other hand, when I came to Canada, afterall those experience and qualification, am still working hard towards my dreamwhich is not letting me sleep until I am back to my profession.

My husbandtried to convince me to change my profession after our first year as animmigrant to Canada as he didn’t saw that it’s going to happen soon, butI won over him that nursing is my passion and a day will come where I will getto my destiny becoming a Nurse. He always says that, “it’s hard to beat aperson who never gives up”. In future, I would love to work with diverse geriatricgroup of people and provide the best optimum care to them, which I alreadystart thinking positive about it.

Tocontinue with, back in Nepal, when I was graduated from the school, aftersubmitting transcripts to nursing council, we receive our licence to practice. Due to the demanding of nursing jobsand skills, now it is mandatory that every nurse has to write a “mandatoryexam” for licence, which is one of the similarities with Canada. We providecare based on the theory and apply knowledge and practice to different groupsof people. There are no such things as guidelines and practices which we haveto follow, however in Canada we follow the practice guideline and work on the basisof it. The one of the subject I propose to reflect upon is maintaining client’sconfidentiality. According to CNO (2009),”Confidentiality involves keeping personal information private. All informationrelating to the physical, psychological and social health of clients isconfidential. We were not able to maintain confidentiality to the optimum level;sometime we provide client’s information to almost all the clients’ visitor whocame to visit them during their hospital stay without knowing their relationwith the client.

One of the competency domains of CPSI   isPromoting patient safety through effective health care communication (CPSI,2009).  To be honest, I never think insuch a critical way to share client’s information with other can lead to legalcircumstances , Now I realize how important that could be in case of legalissues. We were truly lacking on that part Toconclude, this reflection identifies what I learnt about confidentiality andprivacy when I was at nursing school and what I applied in health care. Itremains a curiosity for me because it works differently than the book.

  Nurses are responsible and accountable for their own work, (CNO,2009). I am glad that a got an opportunity to upgrade my knowledge and skill sothat I can provide better care to the community. As continuing education is onlythe better to keep you updated which certainly helps you to provide the optimumcare to the community which provides a maximum level of satisfaction.   ReferencesCanadianPatient Safety Institute. (2009). The Safety Competencies (1sted.

).  Retrieved from http://www.patientsafetyinstitute.

ca/en/toolsResources/safetyCompetencies/Documents/Safety%20Competencies.pdfCollegeof Nurses Ontario (2009). PracticeStandard: Ethics. Toronto Ontario: Retrieved from Nurses of Ontario.

(2014). RN and RPN practice:The Client, the Nurse and the Environment. Retrieved from http://www. of Nurses (2012, the ICN Code of Ethics for Nurses. Retrieved from (                                                 


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