Setting- Long Island and New York City in the Early 1920s. in two areas West Egg, and East Egg based on a true story, Theme- The Decline of the American Dream in the 1920s. On the surface, The Great Gatsby is a story of the thwarted love between a man and a woman.

The main theme of the novel,is that love, lust, and money will get you caught un in a bad situation and also the root of all evil  less romantic scope. … Fitzgerald positions the characters of The Great Gatsby as emblems of these social trends.Plot- The Great Gatsby is told by Nick Carraway, who once was the Gatsby’s neighbor, and narrated after 1922, when the incidents in the book take the beginning of the story, Nick has just moved from the Midwest to West Egg, Long Island, seeking his fortune as a bond should never marry someoneDaisy BuchananDaisy is Nick’s cousin, Tom’s wife.

She was promised by Jay Gatsby that he would wait until the end of the war, but after meeting Tom Buchanan and comparing how wealthy he is to Gatsby’s poverty, she broke her promise.Tom BuchananA brutal, hulking man, is a former Yale football player who, just like Daisy he comes from an immensely wealthy Midwestern family. His racism and sexism are symptomatic of his deep insecurity about his elevated social position.Henry GatzGatsby’s father;with the help of his son that is the only thing that saves him from poverty.

Henry Gatz tells Nick about his son’s big plans and dreams of self-improvement, and becoming a better person Jordan BakerDaisy’s friend, ashe cheated in order for her to win her first tournament He is extremely cynical, with a masculine, icy demeanor.Myrtle Wilson Myrtle is desperate to improve her life and become a better person. She is married to George Wilson.

She has been indulging in a misalonious with Tom Buchanan and he consider her as the side woman, and she is also very jealous of his wife, Daisy.George B. WilsonGeorge is a listless, impoverished man whose only passion is his love for his wife, Myrtle. He is devastated by Myrtle’s affair with Tom.

After her death, the magnitude of his grief drives Wilson to murder Jay Gatsby before committing suicide himself.Jay Gatsby, the main character in the novel, is a man of wealth who lives in a very large housein West Egg. His enemy, Tom Buchanan, is also a very rich man who lives on a large plantation in east egg with his wife, Daisy, with whom Gatsby had once been in an relationship and we want to win her back. Tom Buchanan comes from a rich family, while Jay Gatsby comes from a poor, broke family.

Tom Buchanan represents high society and class, while Jay Gatsby, a former fraud, he creates the illusion of social standing, despite the fact that his wealth now rivals that of his enemy.These cosmetic differences have absolutely nothing to do with Gatsby’s or Buchanan’s moral character and everything to do with social class and how they are viewed by the public. For example, Tom Buchanan is a  ruthless, immoral and greedy, while Gatsby is loyal, kind hearted and tender and a gentel perosn. The differences between them play out as Daisy, who heart belongs to Gatsby,she sacrifices true love for the wealth and social standing that life as Tom Buchanan’s wife provides.The story of the Great Gatsby reminds me of the american dream. Like in the book the main character Jay gatsby come from poverty but as he works hard in life he soon becomes rich.

Everyone in america just want to have money so they won’t have to worry or struggle in their everyday lives. They say that money can’t buy happiness in some people life but i personally think that if could if would could have a lump sum of cash it would bring you happiness because you won’t have to worry about stressing over bill or anything like that. The great Gatsby is a very good book and i can’t wait to see the movie. And that shows love is very powerful and will make you do some crazy things.


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