Seychellesis known for encompassing world’s richest land where one can go and enjoy fishingapart from boating and snorkelling. Seychelles is basically divided interrestrial, marine and mountainous sort of national parks and because of thatreason it has a diversity within one country, giving tourists opportunity toget relish from three major kind of environments, terrestrial, marine andmountainous. Bays provide the tourists with the opportunity to relish from thesun-bath along with peaceful and calm surroundings. The beauty of the marineenvironment is highly captivating and attracts the tourists from around theglobe. Hilly areas attracts the tourists for its astonishing trails and tracks.In addition, the largest park of Seychelles is mountainous. It serves asdreamland for the adventurous people and its exotic beauty attracts thetourists from around the globe.

It comprises many National Parks, some ofimmense importance, having roots in history and serving to reserve theirtraditions and culture. Naming some most famous ones; Baie Ternay MarineNational Park; Morne National Park of Seychelles and Morne National Park ofSeychelles.BaieTernay Marine National ParkThespeciality of this particular park of Seychelles is that it is part of marine environmentand there are no roads to get here, tourists can only go via boating and enjoythe beauty of marine vista.

Ternay Bay is highly beautiful in terms of itssurrounding, all green and refreshing, bringing the ultimate calmness to visitors.One can see while being on beach, the beautiful huge whales roaming andswimming here and there in the bay while taking sun-bath and reading a book maybe or listening to music. In addition to that, the clear water in the bayprovides view of the marine life living inside and enables tourists to enjoythe planktons.MorneSeychelles National ParkMorneNational Park constitutes of 3,045 hectares, that’s the reason it is consideredas the biggest park of Seychelles. One more attribute that increase itssignificance is that, it is the oldest one, created in 1979 year.

The hilly natureof Morne Seychelles park increases its glory, enabling the tourists to relishexotic trials and tracks. This park is located at the highest peaks of theIsland Mahe, Seychelles. On the way, there are beautiful birds of Seychelles,entertaining the tourists.

Some birds of Seychelles worth mentioning include SeychellesBulbuls, Sunbird and Seychelles swiftlets.SainteAnne Marine National ParkTheSainte Anne National Park is known for its deep roots in history, as it servedwith its base for Royal Marines for the purpose of the defence of VictoriaHarbour in the past. It holds greater importance for the inhabitants ofSeychelles as it reserves their culture and traditions and provides visitorswith an insight of their life style and history. This marine park comprises 6islands, rich in exotic beauty and eye-catching vista giving a look of heavento tourists, adding to their unforgettable memories. 


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