She gained her trust in social networks and she, a minor, revealed private information. Everything was fine until he wanted erotic pictures and she refused. It was there when the feigned friendship became an ordeal for a 13-year-old teenager. The young woman from Algeciras (Cádiz) became the victim of a case of grooming, a practice in which an adult cheats a minor to obtain pornographic material. He, 21 years old and resident in the same locality, is now being held as the alleged perpetrator of a crime of sexual abuse and corruption of minors through the Internet and discovery and disclosure of secrets. The investigation began as a result of a complaint lodged at the Algeciras police station by the minor, as explained by the National Police Force in a press release. The girl stated that she had met a young man through a social network. He, after gaining his trust, began to make requests “to hold telephone conversations of a sexual nature and to send photos with great erotic charge of herself naked and in underwear.” Similarly, the harasser tried to organize a sexual encounter with the young woman. However, the minor did not accede to the sexual pretensions so the detainee changed his strategy. He began to threaten to disseminate private and committed information among the young woman’s personal contacts.The Group of Technological Crimes of the Brigade of Judicial Police of the locality took charge of the investigation. During the investigations, it was discovered that the perpetrator created a false profile on Instagram, a network with a large following among teenagers. The image and identity provided in this platform, a young attractive interested in meeting adolescents, did not correspond with his true identity.As the police have acknowledged, this type of research entails an important complexity “since the authors rely on the facility offered by the New Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs), to commit the facts”. They usually resort to false identities that are attractive to minors since they resort to similar tastes to gain trust. It is just when this happens when the cyberbully discovers his true motivation, get all kinds of images of sexual content. On this occasion, the investigation did culminate with the arrest of the alleged perpetrator.This new fact has served the police to remember “the importance of educating children and adolescents in safe guidelines for surfing the Internet and avoid being victims of grooming and other crimes.” Thus, he explains that it is important not to provide or share private or compromising images through social networks if there is no complete certainty of who will receive them. Also, ask to be suspicious of strangers, keep the equipment updated and protected to prevent theft of files. Finally, they affect the importance of “never giving in to the blackmail of the harasser and requesting the help of the police in case of being a victim of harassment or intimidation on the Internet”.The truth is that this type of crime is increasingly common in recent years. That has made the security forces have enabled special resources to fight against them. The cyber-agents of the police have already made available to the citizen the address to communicate these facts. The growing concern over this type of harassment has even led to the development of specific laws against him. Already on January 31, Gibraltar announced the criminalization of “vengeful pornography”. Through an amendment to the Gibraltar Offenses Act, cyberbullying based on “the disclosure of private photographs and videos of a sexual nature, in order to cause suffering” will be punishable by up to two years in prison.


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