SHEBIN MUHAMED OSHRAT HADARY SOC204SYA 28/1/2018 WHAT IS CREATIVITY A value of creation is a mixture of imagination, empathy, innovation, and most importantly “creativity”. The curiosity of exploring, experimenting and innovating causes the creativity. Thinking differently is not creative, whereas thinking and introducing to the world and making it happen makes creativity. In this modern world, we have more opportunities than ever before, but the demands are put before us. So, there are considerable change happening in world all the time. The complexity is continuing to increase. So, the creativity is more important now than ever before. Creativity is contribution to change and evolution. Thus, the creativity is contribution to change and evolution. The Creativity therefore is defined as the development of original ideas that are useful and influential(Runco,2004). .  The creativity plays an important role in evolutionary changes. The economic and cultural stabilization depends on creativity and innovation. The creativity to a larger extend is socially defined. Whether an idea or insights deemed original is an evaluation made by an audience of fellow group (Czikszentmihalyi,1996; Farrell.2001; Simonton,1997).  Group creativity is important in modern world innovations. Even though the creativity is still elusive, sometimes the researchers cannot even find how the unique ideas is sparkling on the head. Sometimes the creativity makes way to dishonesty. So many unethical actions can be seen in modern day innovations still we approve them. Even though it’s hard to believe, sometimes the original thinkers can be more dishonest.                   Works Cited 1.Gino, Francesca, and Dan Ariely. “The Dark Side of Creativity: Original Thinkers can be More Dishonest.” Journal of personality and social psychology 102.3 (2012): 445. ProQuest. Web. 28 Jan. 2018. 2. Runco, Mark A. “Creativity.” Annual Review of Psychology, vol. 55, 2004, p. 657+. Academic OneFile, Accessed 28 Jan. 2018. 3.Bechtoldt, Myriam N., et al. “Motivated Information Processing, Social Tuning, and Group Creativity.” Journal of personality and social psychology 99.4 (2010): 622-37. ProQuest. Web. 28 Jan. 2018.