Should in the game so the question is,

Should violent video games be banned?

92.5 percent of U.S. kids under 17 play video games and 97 percent of teenagers play video games. 90 percent of the games they play are violent. Scientists chose to track 5000 teenagers for four years and found that playing mature games resulted in more risky behaviors in the future. This may make most parents want to ban violent video games, but are they being unrealistic or not?

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There have been reports towards shootings from teenagers who play shooting games. “Whitney DeCamp, an associate professor of sociology at Western Michigan University, says the evidence points to either no relationship between playing video games and violent behavior or an “insignificant” link between the two.” If there are so many kids that play violent video games, wouldn’t there be a lot more risky behavior than there is currently? Newer studies show there is no major link between even minor violent acts, never mind major violent acts.
There have been stories of people committing crimes and admitting into recreating scenes in games such as GTA. In Thailand a teenager robbed and murdered a taxi driver to recreate a GTA IV scene. Stories like this are why the debate on if video games should be banned continue. This could be a mixture of the game to get the idea and some other unknown cause for him to go out of his way to commit the crime in the real world. Obviously not everyone who play’s GTA commit the crime they do in the game so the question is, why did he do it?
Studies show the more violent video games someone plays the more “anti social” they become, but that doesn’t mean it is the reason they would commit a crime. One thing studies fail to take into account are the violent acts that are in the news on the TV or online.
If you were to play GTA all day today at the end of the day most likely you wouldn’t go out and try to commit a crime. The fact that some people may have means there would have to have been another reason. The stories on the news you hear about are mainly why video games should be banned because it is more interesting or appealing for people to read.

There are so many people who play video games and so little of them do actual crimes. Even if the game contributes a small fraction to a crime, why should they be banned for everyone else too? Parents should be the ones to decide if their kids can buy a violent game or not, the community banning all the violent games shouldn’t be necessary.