Sick kidsPurpose of the organization or causeTheir vision is simple “Healthier Children.

A Better World” (“Sick Kids Foundation”) They are working towards accomplishing this goal. They believe that fighting for the health and wellbeing of children is one of the most powerful ways to improve society and the world. Right now, quantum advancements in scientific knowledge and technology presented an unprecedented opportunity for SickKids therefore they can advance in their healthcare and research to fight cancer and other deadly diseases.  One of their goals is to expand their reach to extend the excellent standards of care to more children around the world. They want to help children and save their lives no matter what the problem is.

Some important Events/History of the organization 1875 – The Hospital for Sick Children opens its doors.Fifty years before 1875, almost half of the recorded deaths in Toronto were those of children under 10 years. Mrs.

McMaster in concert with a group of women decided to act upon it and make a change. Mrs. McMaster rented an eleven room house in downtown Toronto for $320 a year regardless of her financial condition, set up six iron cots and declared open a hospital for the admission and treatment of all sick children which soon became known sick kids hospital or at least how it started out (“Sick Kids Foundation”).1891, New Building As the demand and patience coming to the hospital grew the previous buildings couldn’t sustain a huge amount of people therefore they had to move to a bigger building.

Under the leadership of John Ross Robertson, publisher of the Evening Telegram and chairman of the Hospital’s Board of Trustees, SickKids moved to an impressive new four-story, 320-bed facility at the corner of Elizabeth and College Streets (“Sick Kids Foundation”).1930 – Researchers at the Hospital for Sick Children invent Pablum. Around that time infant malnutrition was a problem. Sick kids came up with a solution to this problem by inventing Pablum. Pablum is a low cost, quick to prepare nutrient-enriched cereal. This was the Hospital’s miracle solution to infant malnutrition. Another of Canada’s amazing gifts to the world (“Sick Kids Foundation”).

2013 – Peter Gilgan Centre for Research and Learning opens. The SickKids Research Institute was spread out across six sites. Today, 2000 members in 237 active labs assembled under one roof, in a building expressly designed for the kind of interdisciplinary cross-pollination that has a transformative impact on kids’ health. The PGCRL is 21 storeys of ideas, learning, and innovation. And SickKids’ endorsement of the 21st century paradigm: brilliant thinkers, thinking together.

(“Sick Kids Foundation”)Who the key players are in the organization and cause and what their roles areTed Garrard is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Sick kids foundation since July 2009Kevin Goldthorp is President and Chief Development Officer at SickKids Foundation.  Group: Some important members/ roles in Board of directors Kathleen Taylor joined the Board of Directors of SickKids Foundation in May 2004. She is the chair  of the Board of SickKids FoundationLalit Aggarwal joined the Board of Directors of SickKids Foundation in June 2016. Sonia A.

Baxendale Vice Chair & TreasurerGroup: Members in Senior management teamRobin Cardozo Chief Operating OfficerLori Davison Vice President, Brand Strategy & CommunicationsColin Hennigar Vice President, Major GiftsHeather Clark Vice President, Direct and Digital Marketing These are only a few of the members from each group. All these members and figures work together using their experiences and expertise to form the successful foundations of a great organization. Why I think this is a worthy organization or cause to be a part ofThe reason I think this is a worthy organization to be part of is that they support kids in need even if their survival chances are low. They always try helping them doing whatever they can to aid them for example doing research and developing technologies that possesses the ability to stop children suffering from pain or even end it once and for all.

They are an organization that does not seek money for themselves but uses it  to serve others to ensure that the their quality of healthcare exceeds its limit which are set by what is currently available from technologies and supplies thus aiding society. Their vision is if we take care of kids, society will improve. Supporting such organization is important as it may benefit us or the whole world with what it can accomplish also its the right thing to do as it may save many people’s lives.

In the end no matter how much money we gain from the fundraising event I believe that every penny can make a difference.Bibliography “Sick Kids Foundation”. https://www.”Sick Kids Foundation”. https://www.sickkidsfoundation.

com/aboutus/ourhistory”Sick Kids Foundation”.


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