Sight, it is the strongest of all the other five sense,it helps us see what we’re doing, the sights we can see and help build is all done by the eyes, the world around us is beautiful, and us as humans love seeing the world. In a single look at something like an airplane, a building, or a fly. Anything that we see is processed by the brain, in less than a second, our eyes work with our brains to tell us how big something is(the size), what something looks like(shape), how bright or dark a thing is(color), and how something feels(texture). They let us know how far away or how close something is, whether it isn’t moving or if it is, and how fast it’s moving. To learn completely about how the eyes work, it’s very important to know about their super complex structure and about conditions, diseases and parasites that can mess with vision.

But remember, some parasites can harm your eyes so much that it will make you go blind! The eyes are small when comparing them with most organs, but their structure is so complex that they are considered ONE of the most hard working and need to live a easy life.(Not signaling out blind people!) They work together to tell our brain how far something is, allowing us to estimate the distance and the size of objects to help us “steer clear” of the object(s) so we don’t plow our bodies into the object(s). They also work with the muscles and nerves to prevent us running into something and process visual images and messages. They constantly adapt to the always changing world and environment around us — for example, it might take a minute to adjusting to a dark room or bright sunlight, but when it does it allows us to move around so we don’t hurt ourselves in that dark room or bright sun. This diagram(above) shows the key-parts of the eye, but if the pupil is a greyish color that means either this person is going blind, is blind, or has a parasite that is destroying their eye(s). Only some parts of a person’s eye is able to see (visible) in a person’s face. These parts are the Cornea, the Pupil, and the Iris! The whole eye(the eyeball) is about the same size and shape of a ping-pong ball.All parts of the eye are extremely delicate or fragile, so our bodies protect them in many of ways.

The eyeball sits in the eye socket witch is made specially for the eye, this socket is called the orbit and is located in the skull, where it is surrounded by bone. The visible part of the eye is protected by the eyelids, the eyelids have the covering on the inside to keep the eyes moist. eyelashes which keep dirt, dust, and even harmful bright light out of the eye.Eyes are also protected by tears, which moisten them and clean out dirt, dust, eta.

, eyelashes and eyelids are considered the first defenses to protect the eyes. Tears also help protect against infection.


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