Simon Alice Spier is Simon’s older sister. She

Simon Spier is the 17 year old gay protagonist who has yet to come out and is in an online relationship with a boy named “Blue”. Simon loves oreos and has a passion for Elliott Smith. Blue is the boy Simon emails for 5 months. He is jewish, has divorced parents, likes superheroes, has excellent grammar, and is a very private person. Nick Eisner is Simon’s male best friend. He is jewish and plays soccer. Often times, he jumps into random philosophical moods, rambling existential monologues about his dreams and such. nick ‘s crush on Abby. Leah Burke is Simon’s female best friend. She is described as very “deadpan” and sarcastic and is shown to bottle up her feelings. She is very insecure about her looks, often hiding her things. She is in love with Nick and is quite hostile towards Abby.Abby Suso is Simon’s other female best friend, who moved from Washington DC at the beginning of the year. Abby is shown to be very pretty and very perky and very well-liked, much to Leah’s displeasure. She is the love interest of Martin.Marin Addison is the class clown. He has floppy brown hair, has a gay brother, and plays Fagin in the school production of Oliver.  He is shown to be a nerdy, entertaining, well-liked guy.Cal Price is the stage manager of the school production. Simon had a crush on him. He is described as a very cute gay, with “awesome bangs” and blue-green eyes and a Southern accent. Bram Greenfeld is a quiet kid who sits at simon’s lunch table. He plays soccer and is very smart Nora Spier is Simon’s younger sister. She is a freshman. She is described to be “under the radar cool”. Alice Spier is Simon’s older sister. She is a freshman. Alice has a secret boyfriend named Theo. Mr. Spier is Simon’s father. He tries to be a “cool, hipster dad”. He’s also “obsessed” with Simon’s life. Mrs. Spier is Simon’s mother. She is a child psychologist and seems to be very involved in Simon’s life. Ms. Albright is Simon’s theater teacher. She has electric red hair. Garrett is a soccer player who sits at Simon’s lunch table. He is best friends with Bram and has a crush on Leah. Anna is Simon’s ex-girlfriend. She is a bassist in emoji. Morgan is Anna’s best friend. She is the pianist in emoji. Peter is a college guy Simon picks up in a bar. He has very white teeth.  Maddie is a student council girl. Mr. Wise is Simon’s English teacher. Theo is Alice’s boyfriend. Carter Addison is Martin Addison’s gay brother If I could change one thing from the book is the part where the dad makes fun of gay people. I don’t like when people laugh at gay people.