So, in the last blog; we talked about how Branding is not a supplementary option to advertising and marketing, instead it the roots. Also, we discussed how a Vision, Insight and Innovation when put together can give out a breakthrough result with branding!  Let’s take that discussion forward on this forum with BrandWidget – a branding agency in Delhi that offers the best brand development solution in Delhi!You must be wondering how these three things work together and give a breakthrough! Also, many of you must think if the sequence of these have any relevance..Well, yes; sequence plays an important role here as vision inspires gaining insight and insight make innovation happen. So, how to work with your team on this is something that we’ve tried to put down in steps below!Step 1: Bring your core leadership team together and discuss your vision. Talk about the aspirations you have, where you picture yourself and your organization in the next ten years. Brainstorm and discuss, then narrow down and frame a short and simple vision statement that articulates your preferred future. That’s the completion of having a Vision! BrandWidget offers creative solutions in Delhi and can help you do various activities with your core team that will help you set your vision statement!Step 2: Now, discuss the information and things that are not with you and are necessary to have in order to achieve your vision. What are these insights that will put you and your company on the right path lead you to innovation? See if you have the necessary data about your company’s present situation, the industry trends as well as the competitor intelligence; this information will make sure that you make informed decisions.Step 3: Once you have a vision, and a real-time insight about the various things; you and your team should talk about what you can do that comes out as new, special and different so that it can distinguish your organization from your other competitors so that your target market will value you. The innovation need not be “rocket science”! It may simply be around optimizing or bundling your existing products or services in a way that they create a better experience for your customers.Bottomline, first you should start with establishing a vision to focus on your people and priorities, then you should gather insights that will put you on the right path and later you should develop an innovation that will set your organisation apart.That is how simple it is; however, you need to bring your team together and have these three conversations—in sequence— and you will be surprised about what you can come up with. If you’re looking for Brand Development in Delhi, BrandWidget is your go to!


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