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network. While passive attacks aremainly due to lack of cooperation with the purpose of saving energy selfishly.Nodes that perform active attacks with the aim of damaging other nodes by causingnetwork outage are considered as malicious while nodes that make passiveattacks with the aim of saving battery life for their own communications are consideredto be selfish. 4.1 WormholeAttacksWormhole attack is also called astunnelling attack. A tunnelling attack is where two or more nodes may collaborateto encapsulate and exchange messages between them along existing data routes. This exploitation gives the opportunity to a node or nodes to short-circuit thenormal flow of messages […]

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The Amish religion is known for their ardent faith, devotion to physical work, man-made carpentry, and to a great degree unobtrusive ways of life. They live on no electricity mostly candles and no vehicles mostly bikes or horses. They believe that the more you work the less trouble you will be in, keep yourself apart from the world , not to make life to easy for yourself, and makeup, nice clothes and jewelry are not good for the Christian mind. When the Amish children become 16 years old they begin a period known as rumspringa. They can leave from Amish […]

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Inconclusion, I have explored and analysed whether any contract was potentiallyformed, by assessing the legal issues and considering any alternatives that mayhave arisen.Futhermore, if we are applying the postal rule there is a contract.Whenever an acceptance ismade by posting a letter, the postal rule has to be considered. If the ruleapplies then acceptance is effective when the letter is posted, not when it isreceived. As a result, a contract would be formed. But on the other hand, ifthe postal rule did not apply, acceptance would not take place until the letterwas received by EI on the 3rd of June. Consequently, […]

Introduction system in term of set of applications.

IntroductionAn operating system is a special type of software designed for the purpose of controlling and managing the execution of applications in the computer and acts as an interface between application programs and computer hardware. Generally, the end user sees the computer system in term of set of applications. User is unaware of computer hardware details. A distributed operating system looks at its users as a general centralized operating system but runs on many independent connected systems. Distributed system uses multiple central processors to serve multiple Real-Time applications and multiple users. Data processing jobs are distributed among the processors accordingly. […]

Network 135, 260 can include any hardware/software/and firmware

Network 135, 260 can include any hardware/software/and firmware required totransfer data encoded within carrier waves. Data can be contained within analogor digital signals and conveyed through data or voice channels. Network 135,260 can include local mechanisms and data pathways that can be used to communicateand exchange information amongst the computing device’s components and betweenintegrated device components and with other devices. In addition, Network 135, 260 can include networkcomponents, such as but limited to, routers, data lines, hubs, and intermediaryservers, which together form a data network, such as the Internet. Furthermore,Network 135, 160 can havecircuit-based communication mechanisms and mobile communication components,such […]

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