Research feelings and experiences. Method of data in

Research is usually done using human beings with feelings and experiences. Method of data in some studies also touched confidential, emotional, rights, personal things, and the truth of the subjects. Respondents have secret or confidential information, which cannot be known by others. When disclosed or announced will have a negative impact on certain parties, researchers need to know the ethics of research before planning and conducting research. Ethics is derived from the Greek word meaning “ethos” which means the common sense that is commonly matched by systematic studies of the concept of ‘good’, ‘bad’, ‘right’ and ‘wrong’. Ethical issues are […]

Chapter 7 essay Philosophy

Name: Course: Institution: Date: Philosophy Utilitarian is a consequentiality ethic since it reflects on the amount of contentment or pain in the outcome of an action. However, Kantian morality is deontological and non-consequential because it identifies the right deed as one, which suits a decree that can be followed by everyone (Morton 207). In Kantian Deontology, an ethically right deed is explained as a doing that follows the law of rationale or what an individual of good would be considered to do. Since it is impractical to identify the intentions of one’s actions, it also becomes difficult to figure out […]

Deviance in Sports

Deviance in Sports Discussion 6.1 Over-conformity is whereby an athlete accepts and follows certain values and norms in the sport, even though they are extreme. Underconformity is whereby an athlete rejects or refuses to obey the norms in the sport. There are several norms in the ethics of sports. They include; first, the athlete should be capable of making certain sacrifices due to the game. Secondly, an athlete should strive to be distinct. Thirdly, the athlete should accept the risks accompanied by the sport and should be able to play even when in pain. Fourthly, an athlete should have no […]

Several or deceit. Ever since then, the scientific

Several definition of informed consent had been recognizes. According to LeMone and Burke,  informed consent is a legal document required for certain diagnostic procedures or therapeutics measures, including surgeries. (LeMone & Burke, 2004). According to Taber’s Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary, informed consent is a voluntary agreement made by a well-advice and mentally competent patient to be treated or randomized into a research study.(Venes & Taber, 2005). According to the Research Ethics Guidebooks, consent is a central act in research ethics, as set out in the 1947 Nuremberg Code. (Consent. n.d.) According to Bulger, the Nuremberg Code was establish in 1949, for the purpose of […]

The Estimate the size of the vehicle passing

The aim of this report is to discuss the (traffic signal vehicle counter and speed detector) project. Initially, the objective of this project is to design a system that can detect the size and speed of vehicles passing through a junction, to achieve this aim the project will use an Arduino Uno micro-controller along with an ultra-sonic sensor to investigate the activities at the junction.    The project will consist of two ultrasonic sensors that will be used to consider the size and speed of the moving vehicle. These two sensors will be placed apart at a specific distance approximately 30 cm, once programmed the sensors can detect any moving vehicles passing by the junction and based on the information retrieved by the sensors the size and speed of the vehicle can be determined. There are […]

Unit many scientific issues. As a result, it

Unit one of this course was very interesting, the idea of “what is science? And who decides its true” is a popular topic with varying views.  First, the issue of the demarcation problem is posed, in which is the work of Aristotle scientific, even if it is incorrect? Logical positivists believe that all knowledge can be reduced to some sort of logical or scientific foundation via verification.  For example, a statement is only meaningful if it is purely logical or capable of empirical verification.  Next, Karl Popper believes that verification is not the answer to the demarcation problem, and that […]

Mindset a professional ethical manner. Mindset is not

Mindset is the way of thinking of an individual, either constructive or destructive, also it is established based on the interaction with the society or community which is a part of. It differs from one person to another culture to another since the interests varies due to the geographical location and education he/she received in the growing up process.    Some are intellectual and some have limited knowledge horizon, which of course creates varied methods of communication.    The main idea pillar of our agency’s identity is to create correspondent communication methods in order to deliver whatever message needs to […]

Existentialism the world is meaningless. For an instant,

Existentialism and Human Emotion Jean-Paul, the most well known existentialists, once stated, “Existence precedes essence”. Existentialism can be defined in numerous ways. The main definition is Freedom of will. In other words, the philosophical position of existentialism is that all mankind are created without any kind of shared purpose. Every individual is created free and the actions by which they make are what define them. For instance, if individual acts in unkindly way but believe that they are a kind person, an existentialist will then define the individual by their action rather than what they believe. Another significant definition of […]

5. will be the fourth space agency in

            5.      Considering that Mars is about 670 million kilometers from the Earth, the cost of the ride works out to about Rs.6.7 per kilometre – cheaper than what even autorickshaws charge anywhere in India!. 4.      ISRO will be the fourth space agency in the world after National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) of the US, Russian Federal Space Agency (RFSA) and European Space Agency to have successfully undertaken a mission to Mars. 3.      Mangalyaan is the first spacecraft to be launched outside the Earth’s sphere of influence by ISRO in its entire history of […]

Arrison, insanity for living such long lives is

Arrison, Sonia. “Fears About Radical Life Extension Consequences Are Unrealistic.” Extending the Human Lifespan, edited by Tamara Thompson, Greenhaven Press, 2013. At Issue. Opposing Viewpoints in Context, Accessed 21 Jan. 2018. The population increase that comes with a prolonged life will rise, but not by much. This crushes the argument that longer lifespans will lead to the overpopulation of cities. If people had more time on earth, there would be more opportunities to do great things. Many of the world’s greatest inventors did not create anything lifechanging until much later in his or her life. The argument that the rich will […]

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