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 “An eye for an eye,” is what some of the leadingexecutioners would say defending the death penalty. However, death penalty is aunjust and impractical way of dealing with crimes. The death penalty breaches two essentialhuman rights: the right to life and the right to live free from tortureenshrined in the UniversalDeclaration of Human Rights (1948). Brazil may not have the best criminaljustice system but it takes pride in being the most populous country in the world that does notretain the death penalty in practice, race andplace determines who lives and who dies.  Brazil is concerned about the phenomenon ofmass convictions, since […]

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I completed my service hours at the foundation called “The Village Family Services”. Orally speaking the goal of this significant foundation is to protect children from abuse, generally preserve families and basically build a stronger, safer community for all, which is orally quite significant. The history of the foundation begins in 1997, when two leading Southern California therapists apperceived an earnest lack of culturally sensitive, opportune accommodations for primarily Latino children and families victimized by violence, abuse and neglect. To fill that void, Hugo Villa, and Irma Seilicovich, established an incipient kind of agency with a fresh approach – one that amalgamated expertise with […]

Chapter 10

Name: Course: Lecturer: Date: Chapter 10 Question 1 Assimilation means the act of different ethnic groups dissolving in other communities. Normally, the community that is assimilated is called a minority group and the host is called the dominant community. The minority group fits in by adopting the host community’s practices and way of life. The two groups must co-exist for assimilation to take place. Several ethnic groups were assimilated in America including the Latinos, Asians, Chinese, Africans and many others. The rate at which the mentioned groups were assimilated depended on how fast they adopted to the host’s environment. The […]


Name: Lecturer: Course: Date: Discussion Disenfranchisement of felons is the process by which some people are denied their right to voting. This is because they are felons serving time for the wrongs they did to society. This practice dates back to Roman and Greek era. It was used as a form of punishment to give criminals civil death. This is through denying them the basic human right to vote. People have different views about felony disenfranchisement. It is a form of racial discrimination as criminals are denied their basic human right. They are denied the right to choose the person […]

24 Hours News Reporting

Name: Instructor: Course: Date: 24 Hours News Reporting The media is a massive tool that is used in the conveyance of diverse information. The newspaper and television are agents of the media. These agents place different amounts of time in the coverage of the different issues in the society. This report will bring out the coverage of health issues from the Canarsie Courier newspaper and HLN Television channel. The report was done from 23 February 2011 coverage. The core subject was health and aging issues. The Canarsie Courier did coverage on the approval of creating a facility for the disabled […]

PART clinical procedures , stating that its lawful

PART 1  A.)The Charlie Gard case formally andoriginally was a “best pursuits ( best interests)” case in 2017pertaining “Charles Matthew William Gard (4th of August 2016 – 28 July2017)”, a baby boy from London, born with mitochondrial DNA depletionsyndrome (MDDS), an uncommon genetic disease that reasons on going neuron”(brain)” harm and muscle failure. “MDDS” has no remedy andgenerally causes ones life in infancy. The case was debatable due to the factthe clinical crew and the Guardians of the child disagreed on if experimentalprocedures were the preferred choices”(best interests)” of Charlie.Charlie’s parents nonetheless desired to attempt the experimental remedy andraised money […]

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