Racism: Communication and Robert B. Moore

Racism in the English Language Robert B. Moore 1) Explain why language is an integral part of any culture. Why is it important to study language? Language is necessary to culture because it shows an understanding that differentiates between other cultures. Language is vital for communication; we are able to express our thoughts, ideas and especially because it is one of the main ways we can communicate. 2) According to Moore, how do the symbolic meanings attached to whiteness and blackness affect beauty ideals in our society?Moore was emphasizing on the complete opposite meaning of black and white; white symbolizes […]


Name: Course: Lecturer: Date: Braddock This town is situated along Monongahela River. It is a less populated area, and there are many vacant houses, which look unattended. The streets are dirty and hazardous. The bushes have overgrown, and there is litter at the corners of the streets. The few people who live in this town try to maintain their houses in order. This is especially in Talbot Street where it looks most deserted. Talbot is in this condition because a majority of the people did not settle there after the war. Only scattered people and businesses live here. One of […]

Back Culture

Name: Lecturer: Course: Date: Back Culture Referencing Angela Davis’ article, please explore the multiple reasons why working and middle class White women became involved with the anti-slavery movement? Originally, those who campaigned against racism and inequality justified mass action and public activism based on the responsibility of speaking on behalf of their sisters in bondage. The womenfolk who had been put to slavery did not have any forums or public chances through which they could express loathe and outrage. The working class and middle class white women therefore believed it was there responsibility to speak out on the atrocities and […]

How is held by a significant part of

How influential is the setting of To Kill a Mockingbird to the novel’s plot characters and themes:  They all take in the importance of racism however not all in the correct way. It is important to know how setting switches around. The road where Atticus lives is the most imperative setting it is the place all the  themes are. There is just a single odd to the town of Maycomb. It is through the setting of the racial social occasions like the Maycomb racial. The town is so racist from the racist gatherings  and groups in Maycomb which was once […]

Bryan the novel, The Skin I’m In, Maleeka

Bryan Wong5/9 LA 8Skin I’m In Essay19 January 2018Effects of standard of beauty,colorism, & Bullying In this society, people judge others according to their skin color and looks. In the novel, The Skin I’m In, Maleeka Madison is dealing with people judging her because of her looks and skin color. Because of this, she gets bullied because the society’s definition of “beauty” is different compared to others. These are the consequences of different definitions of beauty. Three important lessons I learned from this unit is standard of beauty, colorism, and bullying.    The first lesson I learned was standard of beauty. […]

Coates did not match up with Coates’s characteristics,

Coates goes to college at Howard where he finds a diverse amount of black students, that are all connected due to there skin color and thus comprehends why the “price of error” is higher for Black folks. For the first time, Coates feels that black people are recognized, rather than a society dominated by whites. Education in society primarily focuses on white people and Black people is never recognized. Being at a college, with variation and where being black is not considered  an outsider and he does not have to be in fear for his life.  Attending Howard University, he […]

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