Soft of the more popular brands of soft

Soft drinks are some of the most widely consumed drinks in the
world today. Some of the more popular brands of soft drinks include Coca-Cola
and Pepsi. There is nothing wrong with popping open a can of soda every once
and a while and enjoying it, but there are some very harmful effects that soft
drinks can have on the human body when they are over consumed. Some of these
harmful effects include diabetes, obesity, and osteoporosis. Soft drinks are
also terrible for a person’s teeth.

There are many harmful effects of soft drink consumption on the
human body. It can lead to many different long-term diseases and it can cause
many immediate problems to a person’s body. One of those long-term problems is
type 2 diabetes. “High levels of sugar in soda places a lot of stress on your
pancreas, potentially leaving it unable to keep up with the body’s need for
insulin. Drinking one or two sugary drinks per day increases your risk
for type 2 diabetes by 25%” (McFarland).  Soft drinks have a high glycemic index. “High-glycemic-index
diets may directly increase insulin resistance” (MacGill). All of the
sugar the soft drinks contain can have some pretty harmful effects on the human

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Another harmful effect of soft drinks on the human body is obesity.

Soft drinks are full of calories, but the human body does not get full of
drinking calories. When a person drinks a soft drink they still feel like they
are hungry even though they just consumed a large number of calories. “Drinking
soda, juice, sports drinks and other sugar-sweetened liquids does nothing for
your hunger, even if you consume hundreds of calories” (Sweet Drinks and
Obesity). Soft drinks also contain high fructose corn syrup which can lead to
weight gain. “When looking at obesity in the United States alongside fructose
and soft drink consumption, they are on a parallel line” (Sweet Drinks and
Obesity). This just goes to show that soft drink consumption and obesity are


Soft drinks are also linked to osteoporosis. Soft drinks are full
of phosphoric acid. “The increased consumption of phosphoric acid from cola
drinks may lower the body’s calcium-phosphorus ratio. This means that less
calcium is available for bone mineralization than phosphorus” (Soft Drinks and
Osteoporosis). Phosphoric acid is also very acidic. “Some experts have argued
that phosphoric acid may acidify the blood enough for the body to neutralize it
by stripping calcium from the bones” (Soft Drinks and Osteoporosis). Both of the
effects that phosphoric acid from soft drinks has on the human body can cause

A person’s teeth are largely affected by drinking soft drinks.

Soft drinks can have both long and short-term effects on teeth. The sugar in
soda immediately combines with the bacteria in a person’s mouth and starts
weakening the enamel on a person’s teeth. Over time this causes plaque to form
around the person’s teeth. This eventually leads to cavities. Soft drinks increase
dental erosion as well. “Soda also lowers the pH of the saliva, boosting
bacterial proliferation and dental erosion” (Ericson). The erosion of enamel
on a people’s teeth is what leads to cavities. “Regular loss of enamel can lead
to cavities and exposure of the inner layers of the tooth that may become
sensitive and painful” (Tooth Decay). Soft drinks are very bad for your teeth
and they can do a lot of damage to them.

There are a lot of harmful effects that come with drinking a soft
drink. Some of these effects include diabetes, obesity, and osteoporosis. Soft
drinks probably affect a person’s teeth the most though. I would definitely not
recommend drinking a lot of soft drinks. If a person is going to drink them
they need to do so in moderation. Soft drinks are not very health drinks and
they do more damage to a person’s body than one may think.



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