SOFTWARE a user sees and deletes it, but


Software utilities control, maintain and manage resources of
computer. An operating system normally contains some of the tools for this, but
separate programs can deliver better functionality. Examples of software
utilities are antivirus software , firewall , drive formatting and backup software

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Virus Protection:

The most common way of getting a virus is while downloading
file or files from the internet. When a computer virus infects a computer, it
changes files on it, changes files like registry, infects parts of the memory
and spreads itself by duplicating itself to damage a computer. Virus protection
utility monitors any unusual activity of this sort warns the user and then
either automatically deletes the virus or asks the user for permission. So, it
is important to have some sort of virus protection utility installed as soon as
possible so if there is virus on pc it prevents it in early stages. New types of
viruses are coming out all the time, so it is important that we update the
antivirus software frequently.

Virus protection improves system performance by keeping out
any threats like viruses and malware that can slow down a system and effect its
performance, virus protection helps with preventing the threat from entering a
system, without a virus protection utility a malware can go unnoticed unless a
user sees and deletes it, but a virus protection does this automatically
without needing help from user to find which saves time and is more efficient.



Firewall consists of software and hardware setup between the
internal computer network and the internet. It can be used to prevent and
control the incoming and outgoing traffic from a private network. All data that
comes in and out of intranet (the network a computer system is connected to)
first get monitored by firewall and if it doesn’t meet the security criteria
that is set by the system administrator, gets blocked by it. Firewall is the
first line of defense when it comes to network security however it isn’t the
only one, there are other ways to keep the network secure.

Firewall keeps out the bad traffic that may contain
malicious code or malware; it plays a useful part in the performance of a
system because it terminates any suspicious data packets that may contain
harmful code or malware it also assures constant security.


Drive Format:

Drive formatting is a process of deleting data from a Hard
disk drive, USB flash drive, Floppy disk or a Solid State Drive, it can either
be done to create more space or initialize a drive to its original state.

It can also improve a computer performance depending on the
files that are being deleted, it can not only free up space for more files, but
it also decreases load times, the more files a pc has the slower it runs as it
will take more time to open a file or a folder.


Device drivers:

Device drivers is a computer program that is used for controlling
a device that is connected to a computer, Devices such as keyboard, printer, scanner,
external storage devices etc. All these devices require a driver to work.

Drivers act as a translator between computer the operating
system and device that is connected. For most devices the drivers are already
in the operating system and if they are, the operating system automatically detects
and installs the driver and you can then start using your device. The operating
system can also search for the drivers online.

If a device doesn’t work its best to check if the pc has the
valid driver for it before replacing it.


Disk Defragmentation:

Disk defragmentation is done to reorganize file fragments on
hard disk to improve performance. Files get stored in continuous clusters when files
are written to an empty hard disk.