Someone returning soul. However devoid of living tissue,

Someone once asked me, what is calculus? It’s simple.
Calculus is the branch of mathematics devouted to the study of the phenomenon called
change. Several quantities both abstract and physical are capable of changing.
Chief among them is time. In fact this plane of which we exist is intricately
time bound, any change will have to be time dependent. In short, the change in
time is change itself. No change can occur without time changing. Time
undergoes such a change that even men has yet to fully understand the complex
physics behind the relationship between changing time and everything on this
plane. Imagine a flowing water body or river. That is time. We are floating in
the water down. Every second pushes us forward. You can notice the changing
vegetation and geography at the river banks. Thats the changing world
confronting us every new year as time pushes us forward. If we can leave the
water, we would be free from time. We would be ageless because age is a subset
of time. In addition we can move upstream or downstream before everyone else.
That would be time travelling to the past or to the future. We do however leave
the water though. Thats when we die. We leave the time bound world for good.
The question is, if our technology is able to preserve a body with living
tissue, can the soul be released into the other plane and than returned? Maybe
the Egyptians discovered this and mummified their bodies for the returning
soul. However devoid of living tissue, the bodies would be incapable of
accomodating a returning soul. And good thing too. If the Egyptians had
successfully returned a soul, we would be ruled by pharoahs today who would have
time travelled and have an unfare advantage over our world. And yes. Thanks to
Isasac Newton and Godfreid Leibniz, calculus has opened our minds to the
effects of time on our world and the change everything experiences. However we
have yet to understand how time affects age. That understanding will allow men
to increase or decrease his tenure on this plane. The rich and powerful would
surely love to see that day come. For now, they can only live out their tenure
like everyone else. Came with nothing and depart with nothing. Time will keep
its gold and silver on this plane.