SONOS: The Home Sound System Sonos is one

The Home Sound System

Sonos is one of the leading wireless home sound systems
that fill your entire home with dynamic music, sounds of movies and TV. It
Streams the content via Wi-Fi and can play whatever you are craving for.

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What is Sonos?

Sonos is the wireless speaker
system which enables you to enjoy listening all your favorite music all entire your
house. Sonos is a wireless multi-room
speaker system which allows you to stream the music at each and every corner of
your home. Sonos makes a span of speakers, but
you in order to start you need to start only one of them.

How does the Sonos work?

Sonos systems are very convenient to
use. Sonos speakers will operate only by connecting it to your home network
such as Wi-Fi. The reason for using the home network is the Wi-Fi network is
more stable than Bluetooth. So, it is being considered that Sonos will get
fewer interruptions and delays.

Sonos Home Sound is a versatile system through which
you can add more speakers so that you will enjoy; listen to music all around
your home. By using the Sonos Controller App, you can control and manage what
is being played and where in which room that means you can listen to different
tracks in different rooms or you can play same audio all around your home.

The Sonos Controller App enables you to access all
your music, you need to choose whether you want to play the audio via a
cloud-hosted service, for instance, Spotify, or you can select from audio files
stored on your computer.

Features of Sonos

Multitasking function performed by Mute button

The “Mute” button isn’t just a “Mute” button. Press it
once in order to play/pause your tracks, and if you want to play the next track
then press it twice and if you hold to mute just a single speaker.


Play music stored on your device

If you’ve put new music on your phone or tablet and
want to play it on your Sonos speakers the minute you step through the door,
don’t forget you can stream music directly from your phone or tablet by
scrolling down to “This Mobile Device” on the Sonos app where you will see all
your locally-stored music.

Touch and go

A new sensitive touch button found in the second
generation of Sonos i.e. Play: 5 don’t just do play/pause and volume. Slide
from left to right to skip forward a track or right to left to skip back.

Wake up to music or Alarm Buzzer

You can also set the “Alarm” on your Sonos using Sonos
App which will wake you up by your favorite music or radio internet station at
the appropriate time which you set.

Go asleep to tunes

If you are feeling lethargic and you want that Sonos
speaker will turn off itself, then use the “Sleep” function and set the real
time. Ideally, if you want 30 minutes of the radio or any device to drop-off
can also be operated through Sonos.

How to Setup Sonos?

Download and Install Sonos Controller

First of all, you need to do is to download the
installer for Windows. This seems to be such a simple step as it sounds. When
you have finished with downloading the installer then your next step is to open
it and follow the prompts given on the screen. Now, over to the installation
process, after choosing it, click the “Install” leave it a minute to do its



Set up a New Sonos Network

If you are using it for very first time, means, if you
are just new to using Windows to control your system. The only difference is
just clicking “Connect to Existing System” and the app will find your setup on
its own.

Select your Type of Network

This will demonstrate that which internet connection
you are using local Wi-Fi network or you are using any other Sonos hardware
This determines whether you are just going to be using your local Wi-Fi network
to connect the speakers together, or if you are using additional Sonos
hardware. For instance, if you have a Sonos Boost or Bridge, then you can
select “Boost Setup”

Plug in But Only the Power

It is to advise you that you must not plug it in
directly, just because if you connect your first bit of Sonos kitting up to
your router with a cable and pull it out. If you need to connect to the
Ethernet at any time, setup will provoke you to do so.

Wait for the Sonos to Start

To start with, when you power on the Sonos, then you
will see a white light. After a few seconds, it will indicate green. When you
get the green light, press the “Next” option and you will be greeted and
prompted with an image to press a particular button to initiate. Then you just
need to wait for a while and allow the app to connect to the player.

Designate a Room

Additionally, Sonos is a multi-room system which helps
you to distinguish in which room you want to play music. Then you get the
drop-down box which has a bunch of selections from where you can select which
one is required eventually.

At this stage, your Sonos system is now set up and
from here you can personalize as well as adding as much as extra players you


How to Connect Sonos to your Router or Wi-Fi Network?

Basically, there are two particular ways to connect
your Sonos system with your router or Wi-Fi network. We are describing both the
way step by step that how you connect, but you need to select which way of
connecting Sonos will work according to your present Sonos setup.


The Wired Mode will be applicable to the situation
when you connect your Sonos device with an Ethernet cable which is also called
as Sonos Boost. Follow the given steps to reconnect to the new router:-

Step 1

Using Ethernet cable you can connect the Sonos Boost
with the new Wi-Fi router.

Step 2

You must be sure that the Sonos speaker should be
unplugged from the power and connect it to the power cord. You can follow the
same procedure for all the players you have in your home. Once you get a white
light on each speaker, then you will be able to see the Sonos App and you are
ready to use the Sonos Speaker as normal.


The wireless mode for connecting Sonos will only be
applicable to the condition when you do not connect any Sonos device with an
Ethernet cable. Follow the given steps, then:-

Step 1

Make sure that your Sonos controller like iPhone,
iPad, Smartphone, PC must be set up on your new network.




Step 2

Connect your Sonos player to your Wi-Fi router via
Ethernet cable. To connect just open the Sonos App from your smart device,
Select Settings >Advanced Settings > Wireless Setup.

Step 3

Now, after connection, enter your new password, and
you will get a pop-up message which says that your Sonos system is now ready to
use, is successfully connected to your new Wi-Fi network. At the end, now you
can unplug the Ethernet Cable and now you can use your Sonos speaker in the
same kind you experiences earlier.