Sophia got noticed by two walkers and run into the adjacent forest.

During the search for Sophia, Carl is accidentally got shot by a survivor named Otis. Otis takes Rick, Shane and Carl to the farm of Hershel Greene a man Herschel tries to operate Carl, but does not have the necessary attributes. Shane and Otis need to find these  in a school building, but on their return they were surprised by walkers. Shane can run by shooting Otis. The rest  of the group were  picked up by Maggie the oldest daughter of Herschel. On the farm there live some other people Beth, Jimmy, Otis  and his wife Patricia Lori begs glenn to take a test from a pharmacy to shows that she is pregnant.

It’s still a little strange because they don’t know who the father is Rick or Shane, because Lori had sex with Shane when Rick was in hospital. Glenn the asian guy fell in love with Maggie and took relationship Glenn discovers that Hershel got walkers  locked up in his barn  like family members. Herschel thinks that walkers will heal once there is a medicine. Shane opens the barn and killed the walkers with the group. surprisingly Sophia was in the barn and  became a walker.

Carol has to see how Rick kills  her daughterHerschel reacts angrily to this action and wants the group leave his private property. daryl who has searched all the time for sophia is very angry because he almost died . he starts to distance himself from the group. Rick and Glenn go  search for Herschel who has gone to a little town . They found  him in a bar. Herschel finds himself stupid because he didn’t see that walkers are dead and cant be helped. Two men entered the bar. they tell Rick that Fort Benning got overrunned  by walkers.

The sky turns and Rick killed these two men. The shots got noticed by a other group. According to that they attacked the bar. They have to flee because the walkers also heard the shots.

that group leaved a boy named Randall . Rick decides to take Randall blindfolded to the Herschel farm. There the group becomes aware that Randall can call  other survivors when he gets released  The group wants to drop him somewhere blindfolded but Randall says that he knows Hershel’s  farm. meanwhile there is  a fight between Rick and Shane because shane still thinks he is the father of Loris baby.

The group wants to kill Randall in the barn. This is got stopped  because Carl  just walked into the barn at that moment. Dale an man who is  against  murdering is  at that moment the fields where he got attacked by a walker.

He got scratched  and got  a redemption from Daryl.There is a discussion between Rick and Shane because Shane wants to kill Rick. Rick stabs Shane with a knife till he died.

a little bit  later Shane becomes a walker and got killed  by Carl. The shots were heard  by zombies which  attacked the farm. Everyone tries to run  but Jimmy and Patricia died . Andrea  lost the group and ran  into the forest and is followed by a horde of walkers. A walker who wants to bite got killed by someone named michonne The others ran from the farm, On the road Rick explained  that he killed Shane because he wanted to kill him . Rick also says what Jenner whispered in his ear.

Every survivor is infected with the virus that everyone has. The group don’t trust  Rick. He gives the members of the group the chance to leave but nobody does that.


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