Spain  Spain is one of the country that speak English as Foreign Language, where their first language is Spanish and most probably they have their own mother tongue as for their second language. Research says that, due to their first language they might have some influences in the other languages too, especially English. Spanish have five vowels in their language, so most commonly they will have problems is pronouncing in other language, for instead they will mispronounce in English though we have 12 vowels all together. They use more high vowels, meaning that long vowel as for the short vowel. Besides, they do have problems in some consonant sound which is /v/ replace with /b/ sound. In English we have certain ways to identify certain stress of the words and sentence but in Spanish most of the words are stressed in a short syllable for most of the words.       Kenya  Kenya is from the East of Africa, where they speak Swahili Language as their fist language. As for Kenya, English listed as their Second language due to the Britain’s colonisation in their country. Due to that, most of them mix their language with English especially those who are lived in urban area, Kenya can be divided into two which are urban educated and rural non educated. Those who are from urban area they very good in speaking English but as for those who are in rural area they more commonly use their mother tongue to communicate each other, as for those in rural area their accent a bit deeper compared to those who are live in urban area. English is widely spoken in the schools, government and commerce. In Swahili Language they have 36 consonant and 5 vowel phonemes which are /u/, /o/,/?/, /?/, and /i/ whereas in English we have 12 vowels including the diphthongs. So more commonly they will mispronounce the vowels and replace with consonant sound.         Tanzania  Tanzania’s national language is Swahili Language which also known as Kiswahili which is most common African Language. The wording of this language are likely to Arabic words, they have 5 vowels and 36 consonant all together. English Language is their Second Language same as Kenya due to the Britain’s colonisation in their country. Compared to Kenya, Tanzania people use more their mother tongue as though communicated within their community, their accent are stronger than Kenya. Tanzania do not mix English when they speak but Kenya do. African pronunciation can be divided into three category which are “subphonemic, phonemic and spraphonemic level” which means that the level of Lexical. Phonemic levels are important in their language because it gives different meaning for instead, ram to lamb and show to so. Most of them confuse with the homophony which gives the same sound of the words. The most common consonant that been confuse are /?/, /?/ and /s/, /?/, /?/ and /z/. Besides they do not have much long vowels so they tend to use short vowels in English due to the influence of their First Language. As for the stress, they tend to give equal stress for all the words and sometimes unfamiliar rhythms too, that makes that sound different and the tendency of misunderstanding is very high.  


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