Spanish Love Words Theysay there’s no better way to learn a language than sleeping with a dictionary. Datingwill give you a real insider’s view of your travel destination! Hittingthe streets of a new city, meeting locals, and striking up a spark with someoneis a fantastic introduction to life and love in a foreign country.

Your sociallife abroad will be an important part of your Spanish language immersion. Sure,it can be fun to use movies, podcasts, and social media to learn Spanish, butnon of that can beat real conversations with native speakers. While you’re outon the town, take these words and phrases for a spin to improve your languageskills and impress your date with your fluency!  1. Spanish Romanticwords Intro ·        Spanish: Te quiero. English Translation: I love you.As is the case in English, this is used between couples who are in acommited relationship.

 ·        Spanish: Eres el amor de mi vida English Translation: You are the love of my lifeThe is used especially by couples who are in a seriousrelationship. ·        Spanish: Besarte es como ver las estrellas.English Translation: kissing you is like seeing starsThis is mainly used by young couples or couples in a young relationship. ·        Spanish: Eres perfecta para mí.English Translation: You are perfect for me.Can be used by any couple. ·        Spanish: Tu eres mi alma gemela English Translation: You are my soulmate ·        Spanish: Eres divina.

English Translation: You are divine. ·        Spanish: Voy a soñar contigo.English Translation: I will be dreaming of youThis phrase can be used best by young couples. ·        Spanish: Qué lindaEnglish Translation: How lovely you are  ·        Spanish: Estoy loco por ti.

English Translation: I’m crazy about you  ·        Spanish: Estoy desesperadamente enamorado de tiEnglish Translation: I’m desperately in love with you  ·        Spanish: Tienes una sonrisa muy hermosa.English Translation: You have a very beautiful smile.  ·        Spanish: No puedo esperar para volver a verteEnglish Translation: I can’t wait to see you  ·        Spanish: Me haces mucha falta.English Translation: I miss you a lot.

    2. RomanticSpanish PhrasesSpanish is anamazingly hot, sexy language. Here are some phrases to help win over that sexySpanish man or steamy senorita.

 ·        Spanish: Desearia que estuvieras aqui conmigo. English Translation: I wish you werehere with me.  ·        Spanish: He estado pensando en ti.English Translation: I’ve beenthinking about you.  ·        Spanish: Soy feliz de compartir cada instante de mi vida atu lado.English Translation: I’m happy to shareevery moment of my life with you.  ·        Spanish: Te amo mucho. English Translation: I love you verymuch.

This phrase is usually used by moreserious couples, such as married ones.  ·        Spanish: Eres mi todo.English Translation: You are myeverything.

This can be used by any couples.   ·        Spanish: Eres el amor de mi vida.English Translation: You are thelove of my life.

  ·        Spanish: Te quiero con todo mi alma.English Translation: I love you withall my soul.  ·        Spanish: Cada día te amo más y más.

English Translation: Each day I loveyou more and more.This is usually more common amongcouples who have been married for a couple of years.  ·        Spanish: Estoy enamorado de ti.

English Translation: I’m in lovewith you.  ·        Spanish: Solo puedo pensar en ti.English Translation: I can only thinkof you.  ·        Spanish: Cada hora que paso contigo me parece un segundo. English Translation: Every hour thatI spend with you seems like a second.    3.Flirting in Spanish Themood is right and you want to let your date know you’re feeling the good vibes.

Use some of these nice compliments to boost their date-satisfaction levels offthe charts!Spanishpick-up lines are a ton of fun, whether you’re talking to a significant otheror simply swapping funny phrases with your friends. Not to mention, they’regreat grammar and vocabulary practice! Which of these pick-up lines will youuse first?  ·        Spanish: Eres lindaEnglish Translation: You’recute   : ·        Spanish: Eres muy linda. English Translation: Youare very pretty.

 : ·        Spanish: Tienes los ojos más bonitosdel mundo.English Translation: You have theprettiest eyes in the world  ·        Spanish: Qué bonita sonrisaEnglish Translation: What abeautiful smile  ·        Spanish: Tienes ojos muybonitos.English Translation: You havebeautiful eyes  ·        Spanish: Te ves hermosa / guapo esta nocheEnglish Translation: You look beautiful / handsome tonight  ·        Spanish: Me gusta tu sonrisaEnglish Translation: Ilike your smile                  ·        Spanish: Si yo fuera azafata, te llevaría en mi avión,pero como no lo soy, te llevo en mi corazón.

English Meaning: If I were aflight attendant, I’d carry you in my airplane, but since I’m not, I’ll carryyou in my heart.English Translation:  ·        Spanish Phrase: Si Cristóbal Colón te viera, diría:¡Santa María, qué Pinta tiene esta Niña! English Meaning: If ChristopherColumbus saw you, he’d say: Saint Mary, that girl looks incredible!English Translation: : ·        Spanish Phrase: Quisiera ser joyero para poder apreciartodos los días un diamante como tú. English Meaning: I’d like to be a jewelerto be able to appreciate every day a diamond like you.English Translation: : ·        Spanish Phrase: Si tus ojos fueran el cielo y tu boca elmar, me gustaría ser el horizonte para poderte besar. English Meaning: If youreyes were the sky and your mouth were the sea, I’d like to be the horizon to beable to kiss you.

English Translation: : ·        Spanish Phrase: Si besarte fuera pecado, caminaría felizpor el infierno. English Meaning: If kissing you were a sin, I’d happily walkthrough hell.English Translation: : ·        Spanish Phrase: Ojalá fueras bombero para apagar el fuegode mi deseo. English Meaning: If only you were a firefighter to be able to putout the fire of my desire.English Translation: : ·        Spanish Phrase: Ojalá la mitad de las estrellas brillarantanto como tus ojos. English Meaning: If only half of the stars in the skyshined as brightly as your eyes.English Translation: : ·        Spanish Phrase: Me gustaría ser lente de contacto paraque no pudieras sacarme tu mirada.

English Meaning: I’d like to be a contactlens so you couldn’t take your eyes off me.English Translation: : ·        Spanish Phrase: Si el agua fuese belleza, tú serías elocéano entero. English Meaning: If water were beauty, you’d be the whole ocean.English Translation: : ·        Spanish Phrase: Me vuelves loco(a).English Translation: You driveme crazy.      4. SpanishPet Names for Lovers  Pet Names forMenIntro·        Pet Name: PastelitoEnglish Translation: This translates to pie.

It would be the perfect fitif you already call your significant other English versions of the pet name,such as ‘sweetie’ pie, etc.  ·        Pet Name: SolEnglish Translation: This translates to sunshine.  ·        Pet Name: Papacito ricoEnglish Translation: A very handsomeguy  ·        Pet Name: Principe HermosaEnglish Translation: Handsome prince.   ·        Pet Name: TigreEnglish Translation: Tiger. This is used by ladies to express admiration for their men.  ·        Pet Name: Mi vida.English Translation: My lifeThis can be used by ladies to show in a romantic way that their spousesmean everything to them.  ·        Pet Name: QueridoEnglish Translation: Dear/darlingThis again shows how much they value the men in their lives.

  ·        Pet Name: Precioso MíoEnglish Translation: My precious. This pet name also shows how much the lady values the man.  ·        Pet Name: MaravillosoEnglish Translation: Wonderful.This can also be used by a male to his female lover to mean gorgeous.  ·        Pet Name: Marido English Translation: HusbandThis is frequently used by married ladies to refer to their man.

  ·        Pet Name: Pedacito de CieloEnglish Translation: This is an affectionate pet name that translates into’little piece of heaven’  ·        Pet Name: Mi Media NaranjaEnglish Translation: My half orangeAlthough this pet name translates directly into the English word ‘my halforange’, its English equivalent when used as a pet name is ‘my better half’.  ·        Pet Name: Mi ReyEnglish Translation: This is used as an affectionate nickname to mean ‘myking’.  ·        Pet Name: LindoEnglish Translation: CuteThis is normally used by a young woman to refer to her young cute guy.The pet name usually portrays youth.  ·        Pet Name: TesoroEnglish Translation: Treasure                                                       Female lovers use this to show that their man is valuable.  ·        Pet Name: Mi PerritoEnglish Translation: My puppyThis nickname is mainly used when the lady also wants to add in a little humor.

    Spanish PetNames for Women Intro·        Pet Name: NeneEnglish Translation: BabyAlthough more commonly used for young women, it can also be used for moremature ladies.  ·        Pet Name: AngelitoEnglish Translation: AngelThis is an exceletnt Spanish alternative is you are fond of calling yourlady ‘angel’.  ·        Pet Name: BellaEnglish Translation: BeautyIts meaning makes this pet name ideal for any lady of any age and in anykind of relationship.  ·        Pet Name: CorazónEnglish Translation: ‘Heart’Although this nickname translates directly into heart, its Englishequivalent in this context is ‘sweetheart’.   ·        Pet Name: Mamacita ricaEnglish Translation: A very prettyor hot girl. This is ususally used for younger women.  ·        Pet Name: CariñoEnglish Translation: Sweetie/sweetheartThis nickname can also mean ‘love’ or ‘honey’.

You can use this pet nameas an alternative to the more common names.  ·        Pet Name: Mi ReinaEnglish Translation: This translates into ‘my queen’.It is a cute way to call your lady. This pet name is more common amongyoung couples.  ·        Pet Name: Precioso MíoEnglish Translation: My preciousAs its meaning suggests, you can use this pet name to show yourgirlfriend that you value her.  ·        Pet Name: AmadoEnglish Translation: loved, beloved or darlingThis is more romantic female pet name that you can also use to show yourromantic side even more.

  ·        Pet Name: EnamoradoEnglish Translation: LoverThis is another pet name that is more commonly used in special occasions.  ·        Pet Name: BesosEnglish Translation. KissesAlthough this is not a very common pet name, you can become unique andcall you lady besos.  ·        Pet Name: EsposaEnglish Translation: WifeThis is a very fitting nickname for your lady if the two of your aremarried.  ·        Pet Name: Mi Amor Bello: This nickname is used to say ‘(my)beautiful love.

‘English Translation: My beautiful loveThis is mostly used for special occaions. It is an excellent pet name forthose special days when you want to let your lover know just how much she meansto you.   ·        Pet Name: MuñecaEnglish Translation: DollThis pet name will also make the special lady in your life feel even morespecial.   ·        Pet Name: AzúcarEnglish Translation: SugarThis nickname is popular among all couples.

You can use this to show yourgirlfiriend just how sweet she is.  ·        Pet Name: BombónEnglish Translation: ChocolateYou can add a little playfulness to your relationship with this cheeky nickname.  ·        Pet Name: BebéEnglish Translation: BabyJust like ‘Nene’, this nickname also means baby. It is popular among manycouples.   ·        Pet Name: OsitoEnglish Translation: This pet name translates into ‘teddy bear’ or ‘cuddly’.  ·        Pet Name: Mi AlmaEnglish Translation: My soulThis pet name is also popular among many Latin couples.

  ·        Pet Name: RubiaEnglish Translation: BlondeAlthough this is often used as a pet name for women, it can also be usedfor blond men.


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