Special Now, add oil in a pot at

Special and Tasty Shahi Haleem is very legendary, delicious and most popular
dish in Pakistan. It is make with different lentils and beef. You can serve
this Special Recipe with Chappati and Masala Rice. This easy recipe takes three
to four hours to cook and made on special occasions. You can eat Shahi haleem
at breakfast, dinner, and lunch. Try this Pakistani style delicious Shahi
Haleem at home and make your day a special day for your family.

Procedure to make
Traditional Shahi Haleem Recipe At home

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Here are ingredients and procedure to make special and tasty Shahi Haleem
recipe step by step.

you need are:

Beef boneless, Two Kg

Coriander Powder, Three Tsp

Turmeric Powder, Half Tsp

Red Chili Powder, Three Tsp

Salt, To Taste

Whole Spices Powder, Two Tsp

Bay Leaves, Three

Cumin Seeds, One Tsp

Cloves, One Tsp

Cinnamon Stick, Two Large Size

Black Cardamom, Six

Cooking Oil, One Cup

Garlic Paste, Two Tsp

Ginger Paste, Two Tsp

Kewra, Half Tsp

Onions, Five Medium Size

Split Bengal Gram,
One And Half Tsp

Barley, One Fourth Cup

Wheat, One Cup

Pink Lentils, One Fourth Cup

Split Green Gram, One Fourth Cup

Black Gram, One Fourth Cup

Rice, One Fourth Cup

For Frying:

Oil, one cup

Onion, one


Make sure socked wheat, barley, rice and all split
grams in water separately for overnight.

Next, I’m going to boil the entire socked gram separately
because these all have different cooking

After that, blend all the boiled
grams in a blender. You should be careful, don’t blend them finely.

Now, add oil in a pot at medium-low
heat then add all the spices.

In the next step, add onion in it and cook for three to
five minutes till golden brown.

Later, add beef and ginger, garlic paste and rest of the
spices in the beef pan.

Then, add two glass of water in it and let it cook for
one hour till beef will be completely tender.

After one hour, mashed meat well with a spoon.

Next, add all semi ground grams in mashed beef and mix it
well to combine.

10.  Lastly, add three
glasses of water in it and cook for one hour at medium-low

11.  Finally, stir
spoon time to time in shahi haleem.

After forty-five minutes, add kewra and cook for more
ten minutes. In the final step, you should fry one onion and add in shahi
haleem. If you like this Shahi Haleem
Recipe then must try at home and let me know your feedback by commenting below.