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In April of 1837, the city of Carmel, Indiana was established, but under the name of Bethlehem by John Felps (Phelps), Alexander Mills, Seth Green, & Daniel Warren. In the 1820’s the early settlers were drawn to the land by because of the huge natural opportunities. The land was flat & perfect to make their home. The area was mainly used for hunting grounds until the settlers arrived. This land was originally inhabited by the Delaware /Miami Indians. Starting out as fourteen plots of land, this Quaker town gradually developed, taking off with the fur trading economy. A general store […]

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This image is a graphical representation of the search space. We can observe in the image the several local minima and the global one. The number of structures in this type of search space is usually between one and thirty. This function will focus on the crossover operator and his effects on the performance of the genetic algorithm because four different types of crossover: single point crossover, two point crossover, even odd crossover and uniform crossover, can produce a different performance when applied to our population. The single point crossover means that only one point is selected for crossover, this […]

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I personally have a deep interest in having a for profit company that involves sports. I would like to build a centre that has activities such as basketball, swimming, hockey, volleyball, soccer, badminton, soccer, and a fitness room. I like this kind of company because I think that I will make a good profit for it and I also think that having this kind of company will make you rich. SPORTS CENTRE This would be a for profit business that you could have an access by getting membership of it. To use any of the facilities in the centre, you […]

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The purpose of this lab was to see the effect of exercise on duration of ECG components and we hypothesized that increasing the activity level would decrease P-R interval, T-P segment, and R-R interval duration and make no changes in QRS complex duration and QRS complex amplitude. After running this experiment, we found out that there was a small decrease in QRS complex duration which opposed our hypothesis (but we found out later that our hypothesis was right and there was a problem in our experiment results) and then we conclude that as the activity level increases, ECG intervals and […]

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If you have multiple sclerosis, you may not feel like exercising. You may feel tired, weak and clumsy, and wonder what good being active will do. The good news is that the recommended approach for exercising when you have MS is to take it slow and easy rather than over extending yourself. The even better news is that when you do, exercise can improve your strength, balance, muscle stiffness, bowel and bladder control, as well as reduce MS spasticity.   Check with your doctor before starting a new exercise routine. This is good advice for anyone but is particularly true if you have MS. Start slowly and build your fitness gradually. […]

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Genetic algorithms (GA) came into existence with the adaptation of developed biological processes to the computer environment (Kaya, 2010). A genetic algorithm is a high-level procedure used to generate quality solutions to optimization and search problems, this procedure is inspired by the natural process called natural selection. The basic elements of genetic algorithm were introduced in “Machine Learning” by Holland  (Holland, 1975).They were proved to be practical by one of his students, when he performed a study on gas pipes. GA studies in engineering are generally the optimizations of topology, shape, and dimension (Goldberg, 1989). Optimization problems will be faster solved with […]

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Zum besseren Verständnis der palliativen Physiotherapie soll im Folgenden auf deren Ursprung und Entwicklung eingegangen werden. Hospiz- und Palliativpflegebehandlungen reichen mehrere hundert Jahre zurück, aber die Modernisierung von Hospiz und Palliativversorgungen begann in London in den 1960er Jahren. Cicley Saunders gilt als Begründer der modernen Hospizbewegung und damit auch als Initiatorin des aktuellen Konzepts der Palliativmedizin. Sie arbeitete zunächst als Krankenschwester, Sozialarbeiterin und später als Ärztin.  In der Zeit, in der der Tod zunehmend tabuisiert wurde, beschäftigte sie sich, mit der Verbesserung der Versorgung unheilbar kranker und sterbender Patienten. In 1967 gründete sie das Christopher’s Hospiz in Sydenham, London, das […]

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In April of 1837, the town of Carmel, Indiana was established, but under the name of Bethlehem by John Felps, Alexander Mills, Seth Green, & Daniel Warren. In the 1820’s the early settlers were attracted to the land due to the huge opportunities naturally. The land was perfect to make their homes with how level the land was. This area was originally used for hunting grounds until later pilgrims arrived and settled the area. This land was also originally occupied by the Delaware or Miami Native Americans. Starting out as fourteen plots of land, this Quaker town gradually developed, taking […]

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Ever heard of the Garhwal Himalayas? In the northern state of Uttarakhand, the Garhwal Himalayas are mountain ranges which cross the two regions of Garhwal division and Kumaon division. These ranges are arranged with an assortment of different cities that span across its entire exspanse. It is to be noted that this region is laden with some of the most popular tourist spots and locations, the the hill stations of Mussoorie, Dhanaulti, Tiuni, Nainital, Bhimtal and Kausani. The UNESCO World Heritage Site, Valley of Flowers and Nanda Devi National Park are also located in Garhwal Himalayas. Enclosing upon an approximate distance of a near-hundred kms, lies the trekking route from Gangotri – Badrinath, via Kalindikhal, known […]

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Is circuit training effective for weight loss? Weight loss is a target that can be best achieved with the help of exercise. Exercising enables the body to burn the stubborn calories and tone up the physique. There are various methods of exercising to help reduce the weight. One such method is the circuit training method which is known to be most effective than any other form of exercise when it comes to losing weight effectively. Circuit training helps in doubling the amount of calorie that is being burnt in the body during work out session. Overview Circuit training method of […]

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