Starting off with the question, what is a birth defect? A birth defect is a problem that occurs to the baby starting during three months of pregnancy. It happens when the baby is still developing in the womb.

Birth defect can be either structural or functional abnormalities that is only present at birth, and can cause physical or mental disabilities. Birth defect is quite common worldwide, as data in the united states has shown, every 4 and a half minutes, a baby is born with birth defect. This means that only in the United States, 12,000 babies that are affected by birth defect is born per year. Birth defect might affect the appearance, organ function, or it can even affect any parts of the body of the baby. There are two types of birth defects, structural and metabolic. A structural birth defect is when a baby is born with some parts of the body missing or deviant.

The most common structural birth defect is the heart defect. However, others also includes dislocated lips, cleft palate… etc. The other type of birth defect is called metabolic or functional birth defect, it is when there is a problem with the baby’s body chemistry. The Tay-Sachs disease is an example of the metabolic defect, it is a fatal disease that affects the central nervous system. Birth defect is caused by various reasons, some types of birth defect has unknown reasons, while most commonly, the genetic abnormalities from the parents is the most common reason.

Genetic abnormalities occur when a gene becomes blemished due to a unexpected change. In some cases, on part of the chromosome might be missing or there is an extra chromosome. The defection of the genes happens at notion and often cannot’ be prevented. A particular defect might even be present throughout the family history. For some other types of birth defects, the cause of it can be hard to identify. However, some certain behaviors increases the risk of birth defects greatly.

The acts may include smoking, drinking alcohol, taking certain medication such as isotretinoin etc. Prenatal tests could help to diagnose many birth effects even before the baby was born. It can also help to determine whether the mother has an infection or other dangerous condition that may be harmful for the fetus. However, it is important to remember that screening prenatal tests only has the ability to identify the possibilities of a birth defect. Some cases has shown that woman can give birth to a healthy baby even after screening has shown that a birth defect is present. Babies who has birth defect often needs special treatment and medication in order to thrive developmentally. A Chinese actresses daughter was born with a cleft palate, and she had to do over 5 surgery’s just only for her to talk normally. The abnormality appearance of that girl’s lips is nearly impossible to fix.

Birth defects are hard and not all of them can be prevented. However, it is not impossible, there are things that the mother can do to decrease the risk and danger of letting the baby have birth defect. Be sure that all the medicines that you are taking or using are under control. Remember that conditions like diabetes or obesity may increase the risk of birth defect. Be sure to see the doctor to srta prenenta caring as soon as you notice that you might be pregnant.

Most importantly, do not drink alcohol, smoke or do street drugs during the pregnancy.


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