Statement of Purpose



In todays dynamic world Data Analytics is needed at all levels in the Organization, it is the procedure of collecting the data and processing the same basis which trend can be predicted and beneficial decision  can be taken for the organizational growth. The increasing role of Data Analytics in this scenario is the reason I have a keen interest in it. I am extremely excited at the prospect of devoting my long-term career in such a dynamic, fast advancing field. Ever since I was young, I have enjoyed dabbling with computers and experimenting with different applications. During high school, I studied Computer Science as my bifocal subject, which taught me basic concepts in the field and several core concepts of coding. As my interest grew, I decided to study engineering after completing my school education. A keen aptitude for Mathematics and an analytical ability helped me secure a seat in Electronic Engineering in one of the reputed colleges, Ramrao Adik Institute of Technology, affiliated to Mumbai University. My journey towards achieving my goals started here. My undergraduate subjects helped me to strengthen my concepts in developing algorithms, networking, etc. I have completed my Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics in 2017 with CGPA 7.35 on a scale of 10. While studying the four-year degree, I got several opportunities to explore various engineering sectors through many subjects. While pursuing my Bachelor’s, I also worked on a number of academic projects to sharpen my technical skills and learn how engineering principles can be applied in the real-world environment. Apart from several minor projects, I did a major project during the final year of my undergraduate degree. I developed the project, Study and Simulation of Various amplifier Topologies in Different Technologies, with two other team members. The major objective behind the project was to know which amplifier is the best and in which technology. For the project, we used LT Spice & Glade 4 software to design 4 amplifiers in 3 different technologies. Apart from that, we simulated eight different parameters of each amplifier in each technology and made a deep comparative analysis. The course also included internship programs to make students understand the real-world use of engineering principles. In the third year of the bachelor’s degree, I joined Indian Railways for 12-day internship for engineering students. In August 2017, I undertook an internship at Harisharan Hi-Tech Industries for two months. At the company, I was assigned duties related to data acquisition system for Gas Chambers. The internship experience infused technical knowledge in me and gave me an opportunity to work with experienced professionals and learn from their work in the field.

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To learn extra and stay updated with the field of my interest, I explore different offline as well as online sources. In addition to reading books and magazines- such as magazines by CSI – RAIT & IEEE – RAIT, I enjoy watching YouTube videos of experts and learn from them. In college, I also participated in a number of co-curricular activities to stay close to the field. I did C.C.O. (Certificate in Computer Operation), online course on Robotics for Beginners and ARM mbed Platform-FRDM KL25Z hosted on the Eduvance Learning App, basic level ARM University Program Training Course on Embedded System Design and Programming conducted by Eduvance and Cypress University Alliance Training Program on Internet of Things (IoT) conducted by Eduvance. In addition, I participated in training on ‘TCAD Simulation Software’ organized by the Department Of Electronics Engineering and the Department Of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering, Ramrao Adik Institute of Technology. In college, I was a member of IEEE-RAIT Committee 2014-2017 and an event head of Electrobuzz event during Inventia 2016. I also actively took part in various extra-curricular activities to improve my overall personality. I attended Elementary Drawing Grade Examination held by the Government of Maharashtra, and participated in the Workshop on Adobe Photoshop conducted by IEEE RAIT, Alert India-‘Leprosy Elimination Action Program’ conducted by the Association for Leprosy Education, Rehabilitation & Treatment- India. Besides, my voluntary participation in events such as marathon for underprivileged children, clean up campaigns, tree plantation drives organized by the Social Wing RAIT. I have also completed 6 levels of Universal Concept Mental Arithmetic System and participated in the State level competition.


The MS degree in Data Analytics Engineering will enable me to transform large streams of data into understandable and actionable information for the purpose of making decisions. Through the Master’s degree in Data Analytics Engineering, it will offer me an opportunity to train for industry jobs or to acquire rigorous analytical skills and research experience. This course will not just gratify my enthusiasm for the field of my interest but is also going to show me the right path to have a future in the field.  It is now my goal to continue my education in a more competitive and international environment. I look forward to gaining an opportunity to study at Northeastern University under the guidance of your expert faculty like Dr. Nasser Fard and Dr. Muhammad Noor E Alam, which will immensely help me develop myself and define my career path.        


I know that Northeastern University will be the right choice for pursuing this program, due to its quality education and flexible educational environment for students of all communities. My undergraduate degree and other efforts will serve as a great help to study Data Analytics in depth and in the right way. Northeastern University known for its cooperative education and career development, will be the best educational place to develop and enhance my technical as well management skills. I believe I will have a bright future with this degree in hand where I see myself using tools to make sense of the data I have, and to analyze it and share better business strategies in the near future. Considering my past education and interest, I would regard my admission in your esteemed university as an honor and would live up to your expectations.



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