Stating estimated that there are around 160 Billion

Stating such lengthy list of theories and assumption (google for more in-depth knowledge) made by the top-notch scientists on our planet we want to conclude the fact that humanity will always continue to search for alien life, as it would easily become the biggest discovery in our history. It was announced by Nasa’s official that they might get in contact with an alien by 2034 which makes us happy to know better than being a skeptical fool, as Cocconi and Morrison said: ” The probability of success is difficult to estimate, but if we never search, the chances of success is zero”. Dinosaurs – As Aliens are few thousand light years far from us their technology might be showing our planet on a time period where only dinosaurs existed which might have made them think that there’s no civilization on Earth. No resources – As many people have already stated the fact that we are exhaustively using planet earth beyond its threshold so much that even the aliens have understood the fact and never bothered to start a conversation. Earth is ready destroyed- There might also be a chance that the aliens might see our planet getting destroyed from that far of a distance. Communication barrier – Maybe it’s true that we haven’t evolved a stage where we understand and decode their signals for communication making us wonder them as something out of our knowledge. Among us – The most interesting theory is that the aliens have adapted to copy us and are living among us blocking our senses to find them. With all these evidence/theories the most confusing fact remains is why haven’t they still contacted us, with a same blank face when we researched a bit there were few theories that were a bit convincing which are listed below; It’s estimated that there are around 160 Billion planets around us. They are just few thousand light years away from us. With such huge probability, there is a fair amount of chance of any extraterrestrial beings existing out there. In previous century there was a government led project called Project sign; where the US government formed a secretive group of people and asked them to investigate people who have claimed of seeing a UFO which was shut down in late 90’s. From a long period of time, there were huge shapes in crop fields which were clearly visible only when seen from the sky, which was next to impossible for any human being to draw such shapes in crop fields. It was always confusing and many pieces of evidence were found regarding people working under secret projects with aliens and creating latest technology with the help of alien groups who have been visiting us from a long period of time but only restricted to that area known as Area 51. Life on Mars; there’s much-acclaimed evidence that before the basic evolution has started on earth, there were lakes on mars. So it’s assumed that the chance of aliens existing deep inside mars might be more than what we think it to be. Chiles-Whitted UFO encounter; in 1948, world war 2 veterans turned commercial pilots saw a red colored flying massive structure overtake them at tremendous speed which was not at all possible at that points of time. Even there was a mathematical evidence formulated by two scientists which proves that extraterrestrials beings exist known as Drake’s equation which considers lot of valuable factors. Apollo 11 mission; one of the most remembered achievements done by mankind was lead by a group of people using SIVB rocket to reach the moon. While on their journey to moon on 3rd day they saw a green colored object flying with them which they thought to be a detached part of their rocket but, later they confirmed that it wasn’t any of their rocket detached part but was some kind of unknown entity. Egypt Hieroglyphics; Pyramids have a lot of old carvings which consist of latest technology which have not yet been invented or discovered. This might prove as a fact that some extraterrestrials have visited the earth. Napoleon Bonaparte microchip; One of the greatest man known to mankind. At the age of 25, napoleon went missing for few days later when he was found and questioned about it he said that he was abducted and it was ignored later. Just after his escape he became one of world’s most recognized leader. When his dead body was examined they found a microchip in his brain which was way beyond what human technology can do. Los Angeles battle; In 1942 Feb American air base was covered with an unknown flying object which was assumed to be one of japanese technology attacking them. To counter it they started firing it in all direction which was not even making a scratch on the flying object. This uncertain fact has raised many thoughts on that occasion and it still does. We share our planet with lot of other beings but, what about our universe which is just a part of the entire existence out there lurking in deep dark unknown space? Though we’ve evolved from iPhone 6 to iPhone X, have we evolved enough to answer the search for extraterrestrial beings with a certainty that earthlings are not alone in the universe or the entire existence. This debate deals with one of the most basic fundamental question of any human existence which would have a tremendous impact on human self-perception and would permanently alter our understanding of the universe. Few agree with the fact that aliens do exist while others think it’s ridiculous to even think of such matters. To this edge of bleeding in science and lack of answers, scientists have worked on different theories to prove their point or perception, well there are many such theories out there. Here are a few theories or conspiracies related to aliens which I liked: