Stereotypes”Charles is a wonderful choicefor chairman” Mary Wyatt said this in her memo to Andrew Jordan which is a typicalcase of stereotyping.

Because Charles is a chairman, she expects him to have certain qualitieswithout having real information about him. This behavior doesn’t guaranteesuccess to UPC.  “I know Charles got a first inMaths, but damn it, this company isn’t a machine” This was said by Samuel Godwyn in his memo to Andrew Jordan where he hasdrawn a general impression about Charles on the basis of single characteristicwith little or no information about him. People who act being a stereotypefails to put trust in the ability of the coworker.  “A morass of interdivisional” Mary Wyatt stated this in her memo referring to ‘Chaos Mode’. This canseriously result in decreased worker productivity which UPC is desperately inneed of.

 Selective Perception “I feel we have very littlechoice” It was said by Charles Rampart in his memo to Andrew Jordan regardingdownsizing program. This is cognitive filtering or Selective Perception. He has filtered outinformation and ignored other’s viewpoints. He has perceived it in a mannersuitable to his comfort. This attitude shows his “Static Attitude” of notclearly giving an accurate picture of what he has decided to do. Charles Rampart failed to show empathy and may lead to unfair treatment.

  “I’m quite clear as to the pathwe should take in this ghastly business” This was said by Mary Wyatt in her memo to Andrew Jordan which was aboutcompany’s downsizingIn this context, her behavior is totally based on perception of whatreality is, ignoring the opposing viewpoints and how they can interpret thesame thing differently which can seriously affect decision making process. “I am going to make sure thisnever happens again” It was said by Sir Randolph Charteris, former UPC Chairman and CEO in anemail by anonymous writer.Inaccuracy is a very common problem with steorotypes.

It also refers toas “Misplaced Feeling”. In the message above, Sir Randolph did not think logically. No CEO canassure job protection to his employees in an unpredictable businessenvironment. The writer feels betrayed and he/she sees likelihood of yet morelayoffs which may destroy already poor morale of the employees.

 Projection”I know I can count on yoursupport……I’ll certainly need it” It was said by Charles Rampart in his email to Andrew Jordan.He is projecting his “vulnerability”Charles is projecting that he is unable to rely on his inner strength todirect positional authority. Instead, he portrays an image of his owndisastrous situation.  Attribution”Punished for our own goodmanagement” This was said by Samuel Goodwyn on memo to Andrew Jordon on downsizing. Refers as “Unfair”Frames the entire issue in terms of “us versus them”, “ConnectorsDivision versus Company” “Well-orchestrated leak or two” This was said by Samuel Godwyn in his memo to Andrew Jordan in hisresponse to the situation.

He suggests “Exposing the situation” which can damage UPC’s credibilityin the market. “Internal rebellion”Mary Wyatt said this in hermemo where she means “threat to the shepherd” It is her perception thatgoing against Charles will result in inter-divisional rivalries that willresult is reduced productivity.   Self-serving biasTone of the memo from SamuelGodwyn to Andrew Jordan Samuel believes Charles is weak and vulnerable. It gives an impressionof us versus them. This can result in inability to oppose and object one another directly Halo Effect”As head of technology, he hasshown that he knows how to help” This was said by Mary Wyatt in her memo to Andrew Jordan about CharlesRampart.She perceives him as “Technology CEO”In this context, the halo effect allows her to assumethat Charles, formerly corporate vice president for technology can help UPCfrom to recover and flourish


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