Storytelling eventually write down their experiences in order

Storytelling is a phenomenon that dates back to the history of the mankind. Since they first stepped on the surface of the earth they have been telling stories. They used actions when they had no idea about oral languages. Slowly and gradually, they discovered language and started to speak and eventually write down their experiences in order to covey them to others. Storytelling connects the humanity at a point where they could relate to each other on the basis of their life experiences or shared thoughts that are conveyed through stories even to the farthest places. Stories, as a matter of fact shape human existence. A famous saying is that a man is what he reads. Reading a story gives us a perspective which is extremely important for human existence. The storytelling procedure has been evolved with the innovation in the technology and the modernization of human lives. The story telling started from actions to pictorial representation of those actions with the help of stones or fire to the writing of the story on the paper in the form of books and novels. At the same time it has created more enthusiasm among the audiences by telling the story in the form of a movie. Bringing them to cinemas and giving them a perfect treat by providing them a story with a perplexed start, a vague middle and a thrilling climax which leads to a rather satisfying conclusion. This helps the masses to not use their imaginations which is required while reading a book or a novel. It gives them an appropriate overview of the story with the help of characters and actions. This type of storytelling is most liked and enjoyed in the contemporary world. For a fact that it is the most relatable medium for the people as well as it is more impactful.

A general public passes on its esteems and uses stories to demonstrate to us our appearance, however hard it might be to look. Be that as it may, it additionally appears from whence we came, and to where we are heading. Narrating is the way we influence significance to out of the bedlam of human presence. It gives a shape, with the goal that our own lives have a starting, center, and an end, and we can feel like we’ve implied something, and left our blemish on the world. In the event that only one individual can /tell only one particle of our biography, than we have an account, and were the heroes in our own particular biography. This is the reason we make stories, and this is the reason we NEED storytellers. They engage AND teach us. They are what make us human, and not savage mammoths of nature

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